Marketing of your roofing business on the internet is still marketing. Marketing is essentially marketing whether it’s offline or online. Only the media has changed, the concepts remain the same. As a construction business engaged in internet marketing of your business, remember that you still have to follow the fundamental principles of marketing. What does that mean?

That means that as a small company, you can’t afford to “brand” your firm. Marketing is not about building an image or a brand unless you are a large nationwide company. If you are a solo practitioner or small construction business, you need to be engaged in direct response marketing. All this means is that you as the marketer have a way to get a direct response from the person from whatever media you are using. If the media is your website, your goal should be to get a lead. Give the person a way to do this in a direct manner.

They can respond to you directly from your website. Why? Because you have given them a reason to do so. You have presented them with an offer, a reason why. And this dramatically cuts down your ad costs, because you aren’t just putting a website out there hoping for the best. You have a website that’s designed to get leads. So for instance, this could be done through what I call an “ethical bribe” giveaway. This can be offering a guide or video series in exchange for a name and email directly on your site, in a prominent location. That’s a direct response. That’s not about you building a brand or image. That’s about getting leads.

And then of course, you need a way to follow up with your construction company leads, which can be done in a variety of ways. My favorite is just a really well written autoresponder series, designed to follow up with the person on autopilot. The messages are pre-written and sent out over a set number of days.

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