Connection between business owner’s activity on Social Media and increase sales

As time passes by, we can see that marketers spend more and more money and time in planning and releasing content/marketing campaigns on Social Media. Every Social Media started among teenagers or college students and through them to adults. For example, MySpace was for teenagers and their shared stuff, YouTube was for viral videos, pets and cute children.   But after some time, companies saw an opportunity to reach a very large number of potential buyers in one place, but with significantly smaller budgets than in other marketing channels.

Companies use Social Media Marketing to attracttargetsell and engage potentialfuture and existing customers. As years pass by, more and more studies showed the increasing importance of Social Media Marketing.  For example, according to Content Marketing Institute, the most popular Content Marketing usage is in the Social Media (92% in comparison with Content Marketing Usage in the eNewsletters and Articles whose usage are 81-83%). Well planned and active presence on Social Media can help you increase your profit more than you can imagine. With your Social Media activity, you can target whatever goal that you want to reach, no matter if your goal means more and stronger engaged costumers, increase of brand awareness or just an increase in sales. The biggest Social Media companies know these facts, and they adjusted their Social space for this kind of activities. Facebook made itself attractive to major brands and grown-ups, Twitter became the place where influencers made a difference and reached large global audiences in real time, while Linkedin is a social network for any kind of professionalism. The social web has taken almost every corner in our personal and business lives, how we present ourselves online has become an important component of who we are in the digital world. That is why it is important to create, polish and take control of your web presence on the Social Media. The content you create on the Social Media defines you, and social networks amplify your content creations as people discover and share them.

General Formula Doesn’t Exist

The marketing community hasn’t found a quality formula to determine social media ROI. There is no equation that can show us how social media drives sales for companies and brands, but there are companies like Buffer, Hootsuite and Sprout Social that have platforms and reporting tools for these calculations. On the other hand, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + and Twitter released their analytic measuring platforms. So, in the lack of a useful tool for measurement of social media marketing ROI, it’s important to direct our concerns toward those things we can see or research on the market. For example, we can easily find out what types of articles people like to read, what kind of people like to read specific articles, which are the most popular hours of the day for reading, what is the right time to post an article, which social media should we use for certain types of articles, what kind of content will best engage with customers, etc. Don’t treat Social Media as a sales tool that will provide an end result on a specific day, it should help you understand what your target market cares for. When we find out what are our target market needs and prefers, we will be able to start a deep relationship with them.

Keep track

The following text will show you four things which you should pay attention to if you want to keep track of the connection between your social media marketing efforts and its influence on the target audience.

  1. Audience growth rate

Shows us our best performing marketing periods. This number tells us where our company is, and it allows us to connect social media data to our profits. It’s important when you want to increase brand awareness.

  1. Social shares

Can increase your reach to a very big field with a regular share, retweet, repin or otherwise repost of your content. You should track this numbers when your aim is to increase social engagement and awareness of your target market.

  1. Assisted Social Conversions

Shows us how often an engagement turns into a sale. As I said before, there is no software for this kind of calculation, but you can measure URL clicks through previously mentioned platforms. If you want to increase sales, you should track this numbers.

  1. Visitor Frequency Rate

Can show you how many visitors returned to your website. A return visitor shows you that he trusts you, and he can also be a sign of the overall quality of your marketing campaign. On the other hand, a new visitor shows you that your reach is growing. Also, it’s important to know the bounce rate to know which messaging is working well and which isn’t working at all. You should track this analysis when you want to grow brand engagement. Once you can analyze these four indicators, you will start to understand which social media marketing efforts are essential and which can take a back seat to free up some of that revenue.

Don’t just promote your products

Be aware and don’t use Social Media exclusively for promoting your products/services. This kind of posts will eventually become tiresome and drive away your target clients. Don’t just post endless posts about benefits of your products, promotions, (e.g. buy buy buy), but use them to engage with your customers. Bring them value and they will reward you. Few examples:

  • Use Twitter search and find tweets that are relative to your niche and engage with them (Once again don’t push your product, but give helpful advice)
  • Write Long Facebook posts about relative topics (and target specific audience with Facebook dark posts)
  • Use LinedIn to grow your channels, connect with many people as you can, then add value to your connections through sharing great content that you create and discover, and after a lot of given materials, make some offers and earn money.
  • Using Slideshare’s presentations makes you an expert, and gives you credibility.

Aside from all metrics, Social Media works. It’s the future of Internet because they are becoming new Search Engines; you only have to know how to use them properly.

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