Find out how your top 3 competitors are stealing business from you online

Submit your website to a free analysis by our team of experts. The first step in that process is SEO analysis – How well is your page optimized for Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo…). The second step is an analysis of your competitors and how are they stealing clients from you.

What will you finally know

  • What keywords do they rank for

You will see all the keywords that your competitors are ranking for, on what position and how much traffic do they get from Google. You can use that list to complement your current list.

  • Insight in their Google advertising

You will see how much they spend on advertising each month, what keywords do they advertise for and how do their Adwords ads look like.

  • Backlinks structure

You will get insight into their Backlinks structure so you can exploit the same domains that they use.

  • Current SEO state

You will see how are they handling their SEO campaigns. Do they have a sitemap, Google Analytics, Onpage SEO and more.

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Find out how your top 3 competitors are profitably stealing clients from you online for FREE. You will finaly know how much clients they have each month, are they investing in Google ads, and much more!

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