Online Reputation Management

If you can’t be found online, then your potential customers can’t buy anything from you because it’s as though you don’t exist.

You can agree that in any business, your reputation is everything. Thanks to SEO, social media and websites like Yelp, any business can build a great online reputation that will increase its revenue and be one step closer to success. The Internet moves fast, especially Google, with its constant algorithm updates. So if you do any missteps, you will probably hit rock bottom quickly. This is the main reason for leaving your online reputation management to professionals.

SEO - no longer an option, it's essential

SEO is the process of getting your website from useless positions on Google to the most profitable one (e.g. 1st page). When it comes to creating content, there are two equally important things to remember. You have to create quality content (that people will read and engage with), and people must be able to find it (75% of internet user never scroll beyond the first page of search results). If people can’t find it, it becomes useless. On the other hand, if there is negative information about your business in the search results, you have to implement a strategy that will push that information down the search results and bring truthful, positive content to the top results. This way, people who are searching for your business won’t immediately find negative information about your business. We are living in a digital world where one or two really bad reviews can destroy your business that you have been building all these years.

If you want to have good rankings for your search terms, you have to do it constantly. This isn’t a one-time thing; it is a long but very profitable investment that can constantly bring your new customers. Sometimes you may see a few bumps in rankings when you start your SEO campaigns but it won’t last unless you are consistent in your content creation and link building.

Social media management

There are two types of mistakes that all business owners make. They don’t have any social media account or they have them all (and not using any of them in the right way). Success on social media largely depends on the type of business that you have and how much time and effort you put in. If you are at the beginning and not sure what social media you should use, start with most of them, test it for a month or two and then select 2 or 3 that suit your business, and more importantly, that suit you – you have to feel comfortable using it. There are plenty of people you can attract to your company on almost all of social media.

We can help you define your perfect customer (age, gender, interest, habits, etc.) and based on that persona create an enviable social strategy and utilize each one of them for your business.

Online marketing

To truly maximize your online strategy, you have to invest in paid media too. We aren’t going to explain to you why online advertising is much better than offline. The only question is what type of marketing method your business needs. You have endless possibilities at your disposal: Search ads (Google, Bing….), Display Ads, Video Ads (YouTube), Social ads (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…) etc. The good part is that the most of them are based on Pay per click method (which means you pay only when someone clicks on your add), you can track its behavior and use that knowledge to exploit it even further.

We can help you prepare your advertising strategy, execute it, monitor everything and make adjustments based on the results.

Data analysis

Knowing who your audience is and what they do on your website is a critical success factor for any business. There are many software that provide that service, but we believe that Google Analytics is a must have.

We use it with our every client, and it can show you:

  • Who visits your website
  • What do they do
  • When they visit
  • Where do they come from
  • How they interact with your content
  • You can track PPC ads too
  • Conversion tracking and much more

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