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Build Your Reputation and Manage Those Leads Like a Pro!

Being a roofer is demanding. Believe us, we know. It can be challenging to manage your day-to-day work and clients. Plus, searching for new leads all the time. In addition, you must also build your online reputation as a roofer, so if you don’t have a plan to handle all these tasks, it isn’t surprising that you might find yourself lost.

Build your reputation? Manage your everyday activities? Getting new leads? Is there a way to do it all without losing your patience? There certainly is! We will share a thing or two to help you run your roofing business. Keep reading, and you will find your answer.

How to Build a Reputation as a Roofer?

Adopting digital strategies will make your customer understand who you are and what you do as a business. These are several most known ways to build your online reputation:

  1. Managing social media profiles and Google My Business (or GMB) listing,
  2. Creating a YouTube channel,
  3. Creating blog posts on your website,
  4. Engaging with new customers through newsletters,
  5. Creating digital marketing campaigns.

Let’s present them more thoroughly.

Manage Your Social Media Profiles and GMB Listing

We can’t emphasize enough how important social media channels and GMB listings are nowadays.

If you aren’t using them, you are doing immeasurable harm to your roofing business, and there is a great possibility that your business hasn’t even reached 30% of its capacity.

In today’s world, business runs with social networks and online presence as their key to success. In other words, relying on some other channels will seriously harm your business.

In addition, you do not need to be a social media specialist or community manager to manage your business profile successfully. It’s enough just to prepare a plan with posts and strictly stick to it.

The posts can be various. For example, about your business, valuable tips related to the roofing business (who wouldn’t like to read advice on how to prevent roof leaks?), possibly some sweepstakes, as well as a daily roofing report where you will present the current project you are working on.

Likewise, helpful posts can be testimonials from satisfied customers praising your company and how you helped them solve a particular roof problem.

Besides social media profiles, one more profile is equally important for building an online reputation: the Google My Business listing.

Google My Business listing, or GMB, is a free social media platform created by Google. It can be easily made and managed by publishing all kinds of promotions, photos, news, posts, and other content forms to build a reputation. Listings are presented through Google Maps, and through them, you can improve your local SEO presence and build a reputation via Google reviews.

These reviews are about your company and written by your customers or random people, which is a downside of Google reviews, easily solved by answering every review. That way, if you are getting a review by the internet troll, your answer will reveal him, and your reputation won’t be jeopardized.

The worst thing you can do regarding GMB is to avoid creating it or verifying if it already exists since anyone can create a GMB profile for a company that didn’t build it.

All you need to do is hold your finger on Google Maps a little longer, and Google will allow you to create a GMB listing.

Because of this, and not just because of creating an online presence, you must have access to your company’s GMB profile.

Create a YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the biggest Google products, and having a YouTube channel is a must, not only for your SEO presence but also if you want to build your reputation online.

The bonus side of having a YouTube channel is that you can use videos from YouTube channel for your social media profiles and social media advertising.

Your videos can be about roofing, roofing advice, testimonials of your satisfied customers, or reports from the workplace (let’s say a video that shows how you are fixing a roof with a leakage issue).

Since YouTube videos have enabled comments, you can connect with your community by answering them and creating more engagement.

Start Creating Blog Posts

Another great way to build an online reputation is to create blogs on your website (we assume you already have a website because without it, your online presence is minimal, and your roofing business is almost invisible on the internet).

Your blogs can be pieces of roofing advice with topics that will help ordinary Joe identify or solve a particular roofing problem, like how to remove ice dams or debris without roof damage.

Blogs can also help with search engine optimization (SEO) by creating them around specific keywords that are most relevant to your business.

Connect With Your Community Through Newsletters

Newsletters are one more way of building an online presence and reputation. All you need to have is a website and a newsletter form to which visitors to your website can subscribe.

After signing up, your newsletter subscribers will receive news and tips from the roofing world, and you will get a satisfied audience and future customers of your roofing services.

Start Using Digital Marketing Campaigns

Last but not least, if you want to build your reputation as a roofer, there is no better way to do that than through digital marketing campaigns. No matter whether you are using social media ads or some of the Google ads campaigns, your online presence and reputation will skyrocket.

How to Manage New Leads After Building a Reputation?

If you start implementing these techniques in your roofing business, you will find yourself in a situation where you will have a large influx of new leads, and your next question will be how to manage them.

Without going into the details related to professionalism at work, because we are convinced that your professionalism is impeccable, what we would suggest is that you ask new clients for a testimonial, in written form or as a video, which you will then be able to promote on your social media channels and thus continue to build your reputation as a reliable roofer.

You can also ask them to recommend you to their friends and relatives and, through this technique of roofing marketing, expand the search for new leads.

What you must remember is that with new leads come more responsibilities and that you need to be prepared that you will have to engage external help to maintain the continuity of the promotion as well as the day-to-day organization itself.


Online presence is all about being present. Be present with engaging content to attract people to your business. Hopefully, with this article, you can show up online and reach your target customer. These techniques will help build your roofing business reputation and online presence.

If you still don’t know where to begin, schedule a call with us, and we can walk you through how your business can reach its full potential through online presence.

We are a full-service digital marketing agency with hundreds of successfully finished projects that specializes in working with roofing contractors. Our clients dominate in their area and are our long-term partners.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will start building your online reputation and get new leads for your roofing business.

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