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How a Georgia Roofer Got 61 Leads in 30 Days Using Google AdWords [CASE STUDY] - Number One Roofing Marketing Agency | Profit Roofing Systems

How a Georgia Roofer Got 61 Leads in 30 Days Using Google AdWords [CASE STUDY]

How a Georgia Roofer Got 61 Leads in 30 Days Using Google AdWords [CASE STUDY]

Over the past few years, we’ve talked with a LOT of roofers. And what we saw is that, regardless of whether they were experienced contractors or completely new in the business, all of them shared two main concerns: “How the hell do I get more leads?” and “Where do I get them from?”

They tried cold calling, knocked on people’s doors, sent out tons of postcards, wasted a bunch of money on Home Advisor, Thumbtack, and other bullshit, and found that it was still DAF to get leads. Converting them into sales was even more difficult, like hitting a brick wall over and over again (industry average is only 6%).

It doesn’t surprise, then, that everyone in the industry is on the lookout for something that would effectively bring in more work. And even though we’ve heard a lot of roofers say Internet as an advertising platform wasn’t really their thing, it seems that tides are definitely shifting.

Wondering what’s making them change their minds? Read on.

A Local Roofer in Need of Help

Around a year ago, we got approached by a local roofing contractor from Savannah GA. They already had a website, so they came to the idea to use it to bring in a new stream of potential leads. But apart from having a great idea, they had no idea what to do or where to start.

We sat down to talk and tried to define what exactly they were hoping to achieve by doing a campaign with us. These are the three primary goals that we defined:

  1. Expand reach to the whole Savannah area (7 cities);
  2. Generate phone calls and form submissions to schedule in-person consultations
  3. Increase conversion rates.

After doing initial market research, we decided that running a dedicated Google AdWords campaign was definitely the most efficient way to reach these goals. They have a Pay Per Click (PPC) model that offered the most value for the money the contractor was able to spend on advertising.

Google AdWords Campaign: Here Is How We Did It

Simply put, we divided the campaign into three stages:

1. Finding out Where People Want to Put Their Money

Is there a better way to market your business than to figure out what people are willing to pay for and then give them precisely that thing?!?

This is why we first did very thorough marketing research of the roofing niche in the client’s location. It allowed us to quickly learn the keywords that people use when they look for roofing companies in the area. Once we had that information – BAM! – we knew exactly how to advertise our client.

2. Creating a Dedicated Page for the Campaign

If we had set up a campaign and then sent people to the client’s homepage, that would literally be like shooting ourselves in the foot. Why? Well, first, we would spend money to capture people’s interest and then leave them to wander around the client’s website without taking any concrete action.

This is why we created a separate page solely for the purpose of the campaign. We stripped the page off of navigation and gave people no choice but to click on one of the two buttons on the page: 1. To call the client, 2. To fill in the and schedule consultations. Now that’s a win-win situation.

3. Hacking the Campaign Results

Once the campaign was up and running, we kept a close eye on how things were going and made modifications accordingly. We tweaked the ad and played around with the elements on the page we created for the campaign.

This way, we were able to keep improving conversion rates for the duration of the whole campaign. Now that’s something.

The Outcome: We Totally Crushed It

30 days down the road, the results were fucking A M A Z I N G!

Remember when I mentioned conversion rates in the roofing niche are around 6%? Now let me tell you that at the moment of writing this article, we are able to convert whooping 26-28% of all the traffic. That’s 4x times more than the industry average!

What’s even better, the cost per lead was only $30.

Too good to be true? Don’t take my word for it, here’s the picture taken directly from our Google AdWords account:


To put things in a nutshell: If we take average profit per roofing job to be around $5,000, our client got $100,000 of profit for $2,000 of investment.





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