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How to Optimize Facebook Ads for More Traffic to Your Website

How to Optimize Facebook Ads for More Traffic to Your Website

If you have a business, then you probably already know the importance of having a Facebook business page along with your website. While having a Facebook business page is excellent for creating awareness of your business, it would be even better if you can generate leads and traffic to your website from Facebook.

With Facebook Ad campaigns there are now more possibilities than ever to attract traffic to your website and generate new leads. But you have to know how to do it. Setting up objectives and choosing the right optimization options for them are key to this process.

Let’s take a look at how to set it up.


Running Traffic Ad Campaigns


One of the best ways to attract traffic to your website is by running Traffic Ad campaigns on Facebook. These ads perform very well and can generate some significant traffic to your website.

If you want to promote your external website and send users to your landing page or a blog post, then this is the type of ad you want to use. Make sure to choose your target audience so that the ad reaches the right people.

In order to set up this kind of campaign, you will need to select the Traffic objective when setting it up. However, just by selecting this option your work is not done. After the objective, you need to set up your Ad set, which includes selecting your target audience, determining the budget, scheduling the ads, and then you will need to set up the right ad delivery optimization option. And this is key!

Many people choose the Link Click option for optimization – and that is where they go wrong. The best way to attract traffic to your website with these ads is optimizing them for Landing Page Views. Let’s see why.


Link Clicks vs. Landing Page Views


Link Click campaigns can be a good option, but optimizing your ads for Landing Page Views is more valuable because with them you know that when people click on the ad they will land on your web page and potentially browse through your website.

With Link Clicks, you are only targeting people who click the link in your ad, and not the people who visit your web page. This options takes into account only the click, and not whether users actually waited for your page to load and saw it. When a page takes more than 3 seconds to load, research has shown that many users will give up and abandon the site. Therefore, if the users don’t wait for your page to load – you don’t get traffic.

The solution then is the Landing Page Views optimization. This option targets the people who are likely to click on your, as well as wait for your landing page to load, which, in the end, results in traffic to your website. This is how you will ensure that people are actually visiting your website.




Facebook is the biggest and most popular social media platform, it has 2 billion active users, and when it comes to marketing, it offers very precise audience targeting options and it costs less than traditional advertising strategies. It can improve your chances of gaining potential customers and making money. With the right Facebook Ads campaign and the right optimization, you can generate more leads, more website traffic, and all at lower costs compared to the traditional types of marketing.

Matt Jacob has been in the marketing business since 2008, working exclusively with roofers for more than 5 years now. He has come to know all the tricks of trade inside-out and he is committed to helping roofers by sharing some of the most important ones. Find out where your best opportunities lie, as well as which challenges lurk out there for roofers – all in his detailed blogs.

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