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Roofing, Home Service Ads, and Voice Search – What Do They Have in Common?

Roofing, Home Service Ads, and Voice Search – What Do They Have in Common?

Google Home Service Ads are your best bet at getting local exposure and expanding your roofing business. We’ve covered them in one of our previous blog posts, where we provided you with all the basics.

Now, HSA are going even stronger and better, dipping into the future, creating new opportunities, making it easier than ever to match clients and services.

It may sound a bit dramatic but it kind of is actually and there’s some great stuff ahead of us. 


But what does that have to do with Home Service Ads? Or your roofing business? You’ll find out in a bit. 

But first, let’s just go over the most important aspects of HSA before we move on to the juicier stuff.

Google Home Service Ads Must-Know

So, the primary
goal of HSA is to match you with the right customer at the right time and in the right area.

Or in other words – you get relevant and quality leads, leads that want and need your services now.

HSA is basically like your regular Google search where you go and type in “roofer in [city/area]” or “roofer near me” and similar.

But instead of the organic search results and the usual textual ads, HSA will appear on top of all of that. It’s the first thing you’ll see. 

You can already see what we’re getting at, right? It’s pretty good to be there – ON TOP – where you’re the first thing everyone sees.

 So, what else makes these Ads so great? Several things:

1) They Are Google Guaranteed

This means that your business has been prescreened and checked by Google, which is a thorough process that lasts for about three weeks.

Home Service Ads are, therefore, types of directories of different verified roofers in the area that are Google guaranteed and that your clients can immediately click on and call.

That little green checkmark, the Google guarantee badge builds trust in people and they are highly likely to call you.

2) You Get Qualified Leads

Another thing that’s important here is that with HSA, Google only charges you per lead, unlike other advertisers that are charged per every click. 

The price is, therefore, FIXED and you only pay for QUALIFIED LEADS – this means no more fake leads.

The team at Google reviews each call and makes sure it’s a real lead so that you only pay for the real ones.

3) One-to-One Relationship with Leads

This is not a typical lead-buying service where you get leads through directories or where you’re competing with other businesses for the same lead.

With HSA, when someone clicks the call button, it goes directly and only to you.

Ok, now that we’ve got that covered, we can move on to some other pretty exciting developments with Home Service Ads, which will have a HUGE impact on your roofing business – given that you use HSA and that you are on top.

So, another amazing and very powerful benefit of Google Home Service Ads is that you can get free leads through Google Assistant, i.e. voice search.

What is that all about? Read on and find out! 

Voice Search Is Blowing Up (May the HSA Be with You)

A lot of people are using Google Home Assistant and other similar Home Assistant software, such as Amazon Echo, to make their everyday life easier.

These assistants basically listen to your commands and then answer them. 

You can also integrate them with other gadgets and systems in your home and completely automate your house.

This means that you can turn your heating or lighting on and off, lock the doors, and similar, with a simple command.

But what’s important for us here is that Home Assistants are increasingly being used for googling. i.e. searching the internet.

People can now “google” by using simple commands – using voice searches.

The increasing number of Google Assistants in households has, in turn, resulted in an increasing number of voice searches and to such an extent that the time is slowly coming where voice searches will begin to dominate over the usual typing. 

Just think about the current way of life. Think about yourself, you may already be using it.

There’s no time to type anymore, we are always on the go – and we’re just barking orders as we run around. 😀  

Whether you’re driving, walking, cooking, doing some repairs around the house, it’s easier to just shout out to Google what you need. 

Now, this also includes looking for local services in your area, not just asking for the weather. 

So, while we’re on the topic of repairs, let’s say you mess something up.

No problem! Just yell “Google I need a handyman” or something like that and it will find one in a second. 

Or, for example, winter is coming, your roof is leaking, and you need a roofer ASAP.

Just talk to your Google Assistant and you’ll have the best roofer in town on the phone in no time.

The Question Now Is – Where Does Google Get the Info From?

Yep, you guessed it – Google Home Service Ads!

Remember that Google guarantee badge and the prescreening process that we talked about in the beginning?

Well, this is where it matters to you and to your roofing business even more than ever

When your clients or potential clients ask Google (through Google Assistant and voice search) to give them the top local roofer in their city, Google is going to use the Google guarantee businesses in that area as its recommendation

What this means for your roofing business is CLIENTS, CLIENTS, CLIENTS.

Imagine you are among the top 3 or better yet the #1 Google guaranteed roofer on Home Service Ads in your city… you would be the first choice for every person that asks Google for a roofer!

Your phone would be ringing nonstop.   

And if you are not there, if you are not on top, you are basically invisible to Google.

You will not come up in the voice searches and you will most certainly not get a phone call. 

OK, so you have to be on Home Services Ads and you have to be Google guaranteed if you want your business to continue to be successful when the voice search completely takes over. 

But is there anything else that plays a role in ranking you high?

You bet! It’s the user reviews and you can’t survive without them.

What Role Do User Reviews Play in This Process?


Reputation management is incredibly important with Google Home Service Ads. 

After all, not all Google guaranteed businesses can be on the very top.

There need to be additional criteria that will rank them further.

And these criteria are USER REVIEWS

You cannot get ranked without them

Your place on the top will depend on the number of reviews your roofing business has and your overall rating among the users.

How else can Google know if you’re any good?

It has to get its information somewhere so that it can make a sound and reliable recommendation.

Just think about it.

Your clients have always made decisions based on recommendations and reviews, whether it was word-of-mouth in the past or online reviews nowadays. 

It matters to them and it matters to Google and it should matter to you very much.

With Home Services Ads, it matters even more than with any other type of ad or marketing because there is no landing page here, no ad to click on or to refer to for more information. 

HSA are shown directly in the search results and all your clients can see are the reviews

What this means is that if you don’t have many or any reviews you should start collecting them now and build your online reputation.

It is the only way to get on top and stay on top, as well as stay ahead of your competition.


Jump Aboard and Rank Your Business

When it comes to marketing and generating leads, it is important to use every channel available to get your business on top, to become the #1 roofer in your area, and to make sure you are in it for the long run.

 One of those channels is Google Home Service Ads.

Not only can it get you more exposure and put you in front of your customers very easily, but it is also a solution for the long run, for your company’s long-term success. It is the future.

Don’t get left behind. 

Get in touch with us today and join our MADMAT system.

With it and with us, you will be covered on all fronts, ranked on top of Home Service Ads, and getting customers on a daily basis.  


Matt Jacob has been in the marketing business since 2008, working exclusively with roofers for more than 5 years now. He has come to know all the tricks of trade inside-out and he is committed to helping roofers by sharing some of the most important ones. Find out where your best opportunities lie, as well as which challenges lurk out there for roofers – all in his detailed blogs.

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