Why Nobody Has a Money Back Guarantee and We Do (Sort Of)

Why Nobody Has a Money Back Guarantee and We Do (Sort Of)

When it comes to any kind of guarantee when we talk about marketing, it’s important to separate scammers from real marketing agencies. They all have their reasons for (not) giving you guarantees, some legit some not, as you may already know.

You’ve probably had your fair share of encounters with the scammy agencies so it’s pretty much clear that they will not give you any money back guarantee, or results for that matter, but I’ll explain it a bit more.

Then we also have legit agencies on the other side, experienced in the roofing market but that are still very careful with giving you guarantees. What’s their deal?

Find out all about it right here. 😀

#1 – No Experience, No Money Back Guarantee (and No Results)

The internet is basically endless with unlimited opportunities. Every niche is different, every state, every city, and area is different in its own right. 

The problem with marketing agencies that have no experience with the roofing industry is that they will test everything and anything that they can think of in the first 3 months. And they will not know what to expect. They can’t know.    

The same goes for any project they take on for roofers, every ad campaign, they simply don’t know what to expect. For example, when they put out an ad, they are basically going in blind – they can’t and won’t know how people will react and how the ad will perform until the ad itself is already out. 

When it comes to Google, of course you can conduct a competition analysis, but if your competitors use black hat SEO techniques, you just can’t know what to expect until you get into the actual optimization. 

There are generally many unknown factors and a lot of question marks above their heads. Too bad you can’t actually see them – it would save you a world of trouble and loads of $$$.

The point that I’m trying to make is that you have to know what you’re doing. Internet marketing is THE BOMB and it will always bring you at least 5x ROI – that is, if you KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING. It’s only a matter of time. The problem is that most agencies have no idea what the f*** they’re doing.

And that is the first reason why you don’t get any money back guarantee. Because they can’t guarantee you anything. They don’t even know themselves how everything will turn out in the end.

#2 – Experienced Agencies that Have Been Burned Before

Let’s shift our perspective a bit here.

There are also internet agencies with experience in roofing that still don’t offer any money back guarantee. Most of them don’t actually. 

Why is that? Because they, too, have been burned 100 times over already. What the hell am I talking about, right? Well, here’s the deal.

The thing is that campaign success also depends on the clients – the roofers. Yes, I mean you. 🙂 

There are a lot of roofing companies, especially small ones or those that need exclusive roofing leads ASAP, that look at internet marketing as their last-ditch effort. Everyone wants 50 or 100 leads right now, in the first month. Which would mean they’d get at least a million $$$ in revenue. Well, these millions don’t just fall from the sky – and that is where the problem lies. Many roofers think they do. 

Online leads are not like referrals and that is what we always tell our clients. With referrals, you basically have a ready customer, willing to drop the $$$ right now. Online leads don’t work that way. With them, you have to put in some effort as well. You need to work those leads, you need to FOLLOW UP on them multiple times. You need to call them as soon as possible, within the first 5 minutes for the best results. That is another crucial thing that we try to teach our clients about. Basically, you need to work! You need to work with us and for those leads that you want. 

And this would be the main reason why even the good and experienced agencies are much more careful with their guarantees. Clients can always say that lead quality is low. But we also know that often, the problem is not in the client per se but in the person working for that client, their staff. 

Luckily, we follow EVERY lead and can even listen to all the calls that our clients get. What we’ve noticed is that very often they don’t even pick up the phone when a call comes in, let alone follow up on that call (the lead) later. 

We had one specific situation like that where WE almost got burned. Here’s what happened.

We had been working with a client for 4 months when one day they basically accused us that our leads are no good, they’re crap, the number of roofing jobs they do has even decreased, and stuff like that. Basically, we f***ed everything up according to them. 

Of course, we decided to get to the bottom of it right away. We analyzed everything and the numbers looked perfectly good on our side, just like the first 3 months. And then – *cue marketing agency turned detective :D* – 24 hours later, a comment on a client’s Facebook post comes in:

Of course, we forwarded it to our client and very soon their office manager got the boot. That’s what I’m talking about when I say you need to follow up on every lead.

Bottom Line

When we talk about internet marketing and generating 50, 100, 200 or more leads in a month, we are talking about millions in revenue. Again, that doesn’t simply fall from the sky. Everything needs to function like a well-oiled machine – from the agency to the client, the sales process, every single thing. If earning millions were easy, everyone would be doing it!

When we remove agencies that are pure scammers, these are the reasons why even the good agencies are overly careful. There are just too many moving pieces. 

 That is why we offer our clients not money back in itself, but we guarantee the number of leads we will generate for them. If the client wants a 100, we’ll guarantee a minimum of 600 leads in 6 months and if for any reason this doesn’t come through, we stop sending invoices to the client and keep working on our campaigns as usual until we get the promised number.

Whatever happens, our clients always get what they pay us for. 

Luckily, nothing like that has ever happened to us so far and we don’t plan on it. 😀 

We always deliver and we always got you back, so join our proven MADMAT system and see it for yourself.

Matt Jacob

Matt Jacob

Matt Jacob has been in the marketing business since 2008, working exclusively with roofers for more than 5 years now. He has come to know all the tricks of trade inside-out and he is committed to helping roofers by sharing some of the most important ones. Find out where your best opportunities lie, as well as which challenges lurk out there for roofers – all in his detailed blogs.

Full Guide to Using Google and Facebook in the Roofing Industry: How Much to Invest and What to Expect

Full Guide to Using Google and Facebook in the Roofing Industry: How Much to Invest and What to Expect

Many marketers and digital marketing experts – or better to say “experts” – think of roofing as just another industry, just another area of expertise. So why not get into this one as well? Why not try marketing different roofing companies?

Well, because it’s not just another marketing area that you can simply “get into.” The roofing industry is a very specific niche and requires some specific know-how in order to successfully market it. The same general rules don’t usually apply to it, which is why many digital marketing agencies fail when trying to tackle it.

The thing is that roofing is a very competitive market. There are dozens and hundreds of different roofers in one area, depending on its size.

We’ve been dealing with roofers for a long time now, analyzing all the ins and outs of this industry, and perfecting our methods day in and day out.

What we’ve come across numerous times is desperate roofers who’ve either been scammed or who simply can’t find the right marketing expert who will tell them → this is what you have to do, this is how much you have to invest for the best results, this is what you will get.

And since no roofer wants to waste their hard-earned money, these questions are completely legitimate and you should get some straight answers and not some crappy lines and empty promises.

When partnering up with a digital marketing company or an expert and starting digital marketing campaign(s) for your roofing business, you should know exactly what you are getting into. You should know how much money you should invest and what you can expect with that amount.

And that is what we get you. No bullshit, no empty promises. We give you facts, information, and results. So, take a look at the thing that matters the most in the end – numbers, leads, and $$$.

How Much to Invest for the Best Results?

What matters to you the most? Leads, of course. So, how much money do you have to invest in order to get some exclusive roofing leads? That is the burning question.

When it comes to lead generation, there are several ways you can go – the three main ones would be SEO, Google Ads (former AdWords), and Facebook Ads. Or a combination of them, of course.

The amount of money to invest in a certain roofing campaign will primarily depend on the size of your target area and the number of cities you are targeting, i.e. it will be based on population. The bigger the area and the population, the bigger the competition. There will be more roofers to beat and the average cost per click will go up as well.

So, let’s crunch some numbers. Here you have the average amount of money you should invest in SEO based on population:

  • For a population of up to 50k – invest $500, get 10 to 20 leads
  • For a population of 50 to 150k – invest $500-$750, get 20 to 30 leads
  • For a population of 150 to 300k – invest $750-$1500, get 30 to 50 leads
  • For a population of 500 to a million – invest $1500-$2500, get 50 to 100 leads
  • For a population of more than one million – invest over $2500, get over 100 leads

When it comes to Google Ads, we are talking about cost per click. So, the average cost per click will also depend on the area size and will be as follows:

  • $10 in smaller cities
  • $20 in middle-sized cities
  • $30-$50 in bigger cities and metro areas

What matters here is how many actual leads will come out of those clicks that you’ve paid for. We are talking about the average conversion rate here (the number of clicks you need for one lead).

Industry conversion rate average is 5%, which means that you need 20 clicks for one lead.

Our conversion rate is 15-30%, which means that with us, you will need only 5 clicks for one lead.

With our above-average conversion rate, your ad spend will be much lower. If we crunch some numbers, this means that if you are paying $10 per click, with us, you will spend only $50 for a lead in the end, as opposed to the industry average, which would be $200.

When it comes to Facebook Ads, the cost per lead will also depend on the size of the area, but also on the type of market you are targeting. The price can vary from $5 for hail market and smaller cities up to $50 for metro areas.

The average conversion rate here (leads turning into jobs) is 20-40%, depending on whether it is retail or insurance market.

Facebook or Google – Which Is Better?

Both Facebook and Google have their pros and cons so the question should actually be what suits you best. In the majority of cases, the best option is the combination of both because they function based on some different principles. So, let’s briefly go over those differences.

The main difference is that Google is an active environment. This means that when you need something – information, a product, a service, a roofing service in our case – you will go on Google and type it in. You’ll get different organic results and ads, check out the roofing companies and if everything looks good, you’ll give them a call.

Facebook, on the other hand, is more passive. People can be sitting in a cafe, a restaurant, in a waiting room, scrolling through Facebook, and trying to pass some time. Here, you will need to catch the user’s attention and try to get them to click on your ad.

The main advantage of Google here, whether it is organic searches or Ads, is the active environment and the targeted search for roofers, which makes the quality of leads higher. However, you are also restricted by the number of people that are searching for a roofer every month. The bigger the city – the more leads you get.

When it comes to Facebook, you are not restricted by this number. It is unlimited when it comes to potential leads, but when compared to Google, the quality of leads is a bit lower. But then again, so is the cost per lead.

In the end, when everything is taken into consideration, it is more or less a level playing field. What is important is that you have a partner, a digital marketing expert by your side who will know all the ins and outs of this kind of marketing, who will make the most of it each time, who will adapt it to the very specific roofing niche, as well as to your individual needs and markets.

With us, you will always know where you stand, how much to invest, and where your money is going. Don’t waste time and money anymore but give us a call and join our proven MADMAT system.

Matt Jacob

Matt Jacob

Matt Jacob has been in the marketing business since 2008, working exclusively with roofers for more than 5 years now. He has come to know all the tricks of trade inside-out and he is committed to helping roofers by sharing some of the most important ones. Find out where your best opportunities lie, as well as which challenges lurk out there for roofers – all in his detailed blogs.

Why Are Google Ads Essential for Your Online Success?

Why Are Google Ads Essential for Your Online Success?

If you want to attract traffic to your website and increase your conversion rates, it is essential for you to be found among the first results of the search engines. While SEO is great for gaining organic traffic, Google Ads are crucial for your online success due to various reason.


Gain Immediate Exposure


If you have a new business and website, it can take months before your site can earn authority and links through SEO. However, if you use Google Ads, you do not have to wait a long time to see results.

SEO is vital to implement if you want to get organic traffic, but in the meantime, you can get impressions and clicks immediately through the help of Google Ads.


Google Ads Takes Less Effort


SEO does not only take a long time to get you results, but you will have to put in lots of work and it will probably take plenty of trial and error. If you already have a good idea on who your target audience is, then setting up an ad campaign is not that complicated.

You can have fun and be creative while creating your ad campaign and expect your PPC to bring in roofing leads without too much effort.


Provides You with a Better Keyword Analysis


To set up a Google Ads campaign, you will have to provide keywords for which your ad will rank. This also gives you an excellent opportunity to see which keywords or audience is worth pursuing through organic search.

If you notice that specific keywords perform well on your ad, then you will know they are a good fit for when you try and rank through SEO. As a bonus, you will also have a better idea of which type of content you should be creating.


Get Placed in Front of Your Target Audience


You will have plenty of options to customize your campaigns and ads to your needs. Through this, you can reach exactly the type of people you intend. By using specific keyword match types, your ad will be displayed to people who search for an exact keyword, which will filter out traffic for general terms.

You also get to narrow your audience by location, time of day, language, and more. Google Ads will also help you reach that audience who does not use other partner sites like for example Gmail and YouTube.


You Won’t Fall Behind


Google Ads are becoming a significant part of search engine marketing, which means that your competitors are most likely already using sponsored ads to get them at the top of search results. If you are not using Google Ads to outrank your competition, it might hurt your conversion.

While good SEO strategies are still an excellent way to out-rank those in a similar field, Google Ads will give you a better click-through rate. And if by any chance your competition is not using sponsored ads, it will place you in a much better position.


Various Ad Formats


Google Ads have various listing options, including in-video ads on YouTube. Choices like these give you the ability to stand out and develop more engaging advertisements which are more likely to get more clicks.

This also gives you the opportunity to place your ads on other platforms if you suspect your audience is searching somewhere else.


It Can Be Less Expensive


We all know the saying “time is money” and when it comes to gaining organic traffic, that valuable time you spend on building your online presence will not necessarily bring you conversions in return.

However, when you run an ad campaign your chances to convert and make money are better. Luckily, Google Ads do not have to be expensive as one can get started on Google Ads at lower rates and you have the option to set up a limit so that you do not blow your entire budget on advertising.


Final Thought


Regardless of what many people believe, sponsored ads on Google have been proven to have a high click-through rate. Therefore, you do not have to be scared that your ad will not provide you with a lot of traffic.

Google Ads are being placed in front of organic results, which gives you a better opportunity to be seen and sell your service or product to the market of your choice. Keep in mind that even though Google Ads will bring you fast results, SEO is still needed to rank organically.

Matt Jacob

Matt Jacob

Matt Jacob has been in the marketing business since 2008, working exclusively with roofers for more than 5 years now. He has come to know all the tricks of trade inside-out and he is committed to helping roofers by sharing some of the most important ones. Find out where your best opportunities lie, as well as which challenges lurk out there for roofers – all in his detailed blogs.

How to Choose the Right Keywords for Google Ads

How to Choose the Right Keywords for Google Ads

It can be a difficult task to decide on the right internet marketing technique for products or services as we are not always confident which will convert best. However, one thing is for sure – Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, hold many benefits for their advertisers if the process is done correctly. One of the most critical steps to advertising on Google is finding the right keywords.

If you are in the phase of choosing keywords for your Google Ad then you probably already know by now what Google Ads are and how they work. Now, all you need to do is find the right keywords, and make the process easier. So here are some important things to keep in mind when choosing those keywords.


Choose Good Keywords or Phrases

Google rewards relevance and therefore it is essential that your keywords and phrases are particular and relevant to your business.

The keywords you choose should also be relevant to your ad copy and website copy. Your keywords should be able to take the user precisely to what they are looking for. This way, the user is already predisposed towards buying from you. Therefore make sure that your keywords are linked to your pay-per-click advert and that they match the words or phrases on your landing page or website exactly.

Keep your keywords as specific as possible, however, make sure to list some different variations. This includes different terms for your product or service as well as colloquial names, synonyms, singular and plural and alternative spellings or even miss-spelled words that are common.


Types of Keywords Not to Include

The last thing you want is irrelevant searches to trigger your ad, so it is important to remove the “bad” keywords. To ensure this does not happen, you can add a minus sign before a keyword to exclude it specifically.

For example, if you are a home renovation company who uses keyword phrases like “home renovation,” then it would be wise to add a minus sign to the word “book” to ensure that the term “home renovation book” doesn’t bring up your ad.

Avoid using generic keywords, which are usually in the form of single keywords. Phrases that consist of three words are more targeted. And under no circumstances use words that are not related to your ad because it can reflect negatively on your business.

Luckily, there is no need to add keywords on the list that describe the location or language that you’re targeting. For this, Google Ads will give you the option to choose what territories, countries, regions, cities or smaller catchment areas should be targeted.


Use Some Professional Help

The Google Keyword Planner can help you to expand your list of keywords. The tool is very straightforward and will provide you with some relevant and high ranking words when you submit a keyword or URL.

If you do not have the time to learn or practice the technique, you can always opt to hire experts in the Google Ads field. In some cases, it might be better to do it right the first time with the help of a professional, rather than wasting money through experimenting.



The right keywords will ensure that your pay-per-click ad is displayed to the right people looking for your products or services. This will increase your chances of winning a Google Ad Auction which can help you bring in many leads that convert.

Matt Jacob

Matt Jacob

Matt Jacob has been in the marketing business since 2008, working exclusively with roofers for more than 5 years now. He has come to know all the tricks of trade inside-out and he is committed to helping roofers by sharing some of the most important ones. Find out where your best opportunities lie, as well as which challenges lurk out there for roofers – all in his detailed blogs.

What Are Google Ads and How Do They Work?

What Are Google Ads and How Do They Work?

Whether it is for the services you provide, products you sell or content you create, sometimes just having a website to market them is not enough. Therefore, specific marketing methods need to be put into action. Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, is one of the ways you can advertise your business with Google Ads.

The majority of searches on Google land on a search result page that includes Google Ads. These ads are not organic. They are paid for by the business. If you want to generate increased consumption of your products or services, then promoting them on Google Ads can be beneficial.


What Are Google Ads?

Google Ads are advertisements which get displayed on the search results pages on Google. You will usually see these ads in your search results above the organic links and at the bottom of the search result page.

In addition to these Search Ads, Google also offers Display Ads, which are shown either in the form of text, images, videos, or in media format, including banner ads. They appear on the Google Display Network, which is a network of websites that run Google Ads. They are comprised of YouTube, Gmail and more than a million Google web display partners, including AdSense and other partner sites that allow text and display ads on their pages.


How Do Google Ads Work?

When you are using Google Ads, you will need to provide a list of keywords that focus on what your business has got to offer. In other words, the keywords are the words that target audiences are most likely to type into their Google Search box when looking to buy a product or a service.

Each business will then bid on specific keywords which is based on how much they are willing to pay for a user to click on their ad. The quality of the proposed ad and the bid amount will determine which ads will appear on the search engine result pages. Every time a user clicks on that specific ad, the business will pay a certain amount which is known as the cost per click (CPC).


What Is the Google Ads Auction?

Google has an auction system when it comes to choosing the ads. So every time a user runs a search with specific keywords on Google, a Google Ads auction is set into action, and the winner of the auction will have their ad appear within that particular search for those relevant keywords.

If you want to win the Google Ads auction, then you will need to optimize your quality score and bid amount. Many factors can affect your quality score. Your primary goal should be to have a high-quality score, which will give you a better ad position in conjunction with your bid amount.


How Much Do Google Ads Cost?

The amount that you will pay for a Google Ad will depend on a couple of factors, like how competitive your keywords and industry are, your geographic location, the quality of your ad, etc.



While organic traffic is excellent and ranking on the first page of Google through SEO methods is terrific for the long run, sometimes one needs a head-start which can be done through Google Ads. Google Ads are a great way to put your product or service in front of your potential customers which can bring in many leads, plenty of conversions and they can be essential for your online success.

Matt Jacob

Matt Jacob

Matt Jacob has been in the marketing business since 2008, working exclusively with roofers for more than 5 years now. He has come to know all the tricks of trade inside-out and he is committed to helping roofers by sharing some of the most important ones. Find out where your best opportunities lie, as well as which challenges lurk out there for roofers – all in his detailed blogs.

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