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The terms online marketing and digital marketing might seem like the same thing, but actually, they are not. Even though the terms are merely technical, knowing the difference between the two words will allow you to better plan the marketing efforts that will work best for you.


What Is Digital Marketing?


When we talk about digital marketing, we are talking about the marketing of products or services over an electronic device, whether they are online or not. This includes, for example, radio, TV, mobile phone, internet, etc.


What Is Online Marketing?


Online or Internet marketing is a marketing method of a business or a brand that includes advertising products or services strictly over the internet. Various internet tools can be used to help drive traffic, leads, and sales.


Which Will Work Best for You?


The methods you choose to promote your service or product will depend on your type of business.

If one were starting an online business, for example, an e-commerce store, then the marketing methods will at the beginning mostly involve internet marketing. Focusing on building a great online presence first, will most likely count in your favor. As the business expands, you can start making use of other digital marketing methods, for example, mobile marketing or TV ads.

A business that depends on clients coming to their physical store can even take advantage of local TV ads or the radio (presuming people tune into the local radio station). However, internet marketing is a must in today’s world. No matter how small the business is, it will definitely benefit from having a presence on an online platform, even if it is only a business page on a social media platform.

The great thing about using the internet to build your brand online is that you have access to analytic tools. You can ask any digital marketing agency! This can give you great insight into what kind of audience your brand is attracting, which will help you to adjust your marketing methods accordingly. Internet marketing also gives you the option to add conversion tracking to your marketing techniques, as well as budget tracking, allowing you to see where your budget is going and, in the end, helping you to spend it wisely.


What Is the Correct Term to Use?


Due to the fact that internet marketing is seen as a subset of digital marketing, it would not be incorrect if you say you are using digital marketing to promote your business, even though you are only relying on the web to reach potential clients.

However, it would be incorrect to say that you are using only internet marketing techniques if you are also making use other digital platforms offline.




Even though internet marketing seems to be mainstream, in most cases it is best not to limit your marketing techniques to internet marketing only. Technology is continuously developing which means that we can expect many new digital marketing platforms and innovative techniques to come in the future.  

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