95 Roofing Leads in 30 Days for $15/lead


  • Generate at least 50 quality roof replacement leads


  • Promote client’s video testimonials
  • Retarget users who have watched at least 50% of the video


  • 95 leads in a month – 15$ per lead

What We Did

For this client, the goal was to promote the client’s offer and generate at least at least 50 quality leads by promoting their video testimonials. Here, we focused on specific audience targeting because market segmentation is very important – the more precise you are and the more specific your targeting is, the better results you will achieve with your campaign.

So, we promoted 3 video testimonials, each one targeting a different type of audience – in the first one we had a young person targeting the younger audience, the second one was an older person targeting the older audience, and the third one was a family targeting families. 

The video testimonials were used specifically to target the cold audience, to promote the client and their offer to those who haven’t been in contact with our client before. We then retargeted those who watched at least half of the video, sending our client’s offer specifically to them.

This video campaign and our segmented and targeted approach proved to be very successful and in 30 days we generated 95 leads for our client at 15$ a pop.  

When it comes to marketing and lead generation, you have to know what approach to take, you need to be as specific as possible, and you have to know how to target the audience that you want. 

With our MADMAT system, we always have just the right approach and we always bring results, so hurry up and get in touch and let us get YOU results, too!

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