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Custom, Risk - Free Market Domination System For Roofing Companies

Double Your Revenue Within 12 Months Without Risking a Single Cent

Want to become the #1 roofer in your area? With us as your business partners, problem-solvers, and lead-generation specialists, you CAN. Because we give you more than just an X number of leads per month. We give you the full MADMAT system that creates profit, a long-term strategy that ensures stability and continued growth, and a team of real people you can always fall back on.

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Kyle Patrick of South Shore Roofing: “We dominate no matter what.”

If you want to see real results, straight from a roofer we’ve been working with for years now, check out this video. Kyle Patrick, the owner of South Shore Roofing, guides you through what we’ve been doing with his marketing and the results he’s been getting – in black and white.

In the video, you’ll see his highly converting website that, in his own words, “was definitely worth the money paid,” the rankings that we’ve achieved for him – top 3 on Google Maps and organic search results for various locations, as well as his Google Ads #1 placement on Google Search. Make sure to check it out!

And this is how South Shore Roofing stands today:

Through our mutually-beneficial cooperation, they’ve become the no. 1 choice of roofers for homeowners all across South Georgia.
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Meet Matt

CEO & the Man Behind MADMAT

Hi, I’m Matt! I’m the CEO of Profit Roofing Systems and usually your first point of contact when you decide to find out what my agency can do for you. This is for two main reasons.

Firstly, I like to take a more personalized approach to all my clients, get to know each one of you, and assure you that you’re not just another number to us. And while I do have an amazing team that will take care of you in all aspects, I want you to know that I’m also at your disposal when you need me.

Secondly, I like to take accountability and provide personal guarantees for everything my team and I do. In the past five years that I’ve worked exclusively with roofers, I’ve heard many horror stories about your experiences with marketing agencies.

I understand all the frustration, and you’re completely within your rights to be a bit suspicious and extra careful when it comes to marketing agencies. So, on our initial call, please don’t hesitate to air out any of your doubts and hit me with all your questions. I’ll make sure to answer all of them.

It’s exactly based on these horror stories and your experiences that I’ve created MADMAT. It’s designed to provide you with security and transparency every step of the way while my team and I transform your roofing business into a profitable empire and a household name within your target area.


Where Roofers Come to Thrive & Failure Goes to Die

MADMAT is a 100% hands-off, done-for-you system for roofing contractors who want to crush it in 2022. Here’s what you get with it.
Within MADMAT, we use a full arsenal of marketing channels and tools available to grow your business, using proven marketing strategies. This includes creating highly-converting custom websites, implementing effective advertising campaigns, and creating a powerful brand for your company within your community.
We focus not only on generating leads but also on helping you improve your own internal processes and implement new systems. Our goal is for the whole process – from lead generation to sales closing – to become as effective and successful as possible.
MADMAT doesn’t let you risk anything! Not your money, not your time, nor the success of your roofing company. You pick the MADMAT package you want, and within it, you are guaranteed a minimum number of roofing leads per month. If we don’t deliver them for any reason, we work FREE OF CHARGE until you get what you paid for.
You’ll be the only roofer we’re setting up to dominate in your city, area, or state. We can’t have two of our own roofers fighting for domination in the same market – we’d be fighting with ourselves. And that’s a battle no one would win. So, with our “1 roofer, 1 area” rule, we make sure YOU win.
We rely on full transparency, accountability, and availability, so you’ll always have a dedicated success manager to request any information and/or campaign adjustments from. You can expect a clear and straightforward response within 24 hours, along with detailed weekly and monthly reports.

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Make 2022 YOUR year of success.
Become the #1 roofing name with MADMAT, start turning significant profit & never look back.

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