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Over 92% of our clients see ROI in the first 3 months.

How Our MADMAT System Brought (and Keeps Bringing) Amazing Results for One of Our Long-Term Clients

  • Consistent flow of leads
  • Significantly increased overall visibility in search engines
  • #1 rankings on Google for the most relevant keywords


How We Reached 61 Leads at 30% Conversion Rate in 30 Days (For a Local Roofing Contractor in Georgia)


  • Exceptional number of leads – 61 in a month!
  • Amazingly cheap Cost per Lead ($31)
  • Cost per Click knocked down by 60%
  • Impressive 30% conversion rate

How We Increased the Website’s Monthly Traffic by 120% – from 300 to 700 Visitors

  • Number of visitors went through the roof!
  • We quadrupled the number of leads
  • Boom! We ranked for 5 times more keywords!

Hail Funnel for Roofing Business: How We Got 50 Quality Leads for $30 Average Cost per Lead


  • We got 50 high-quality roofing leads in a month!
  • For only $650 ad spend… man that’s cheap 😀
  • From 50 leads, our client CLOSED 20 paying customers
  • We achieved a HIGH ROI – $120K per customer

How We Got 289 Leads in 30 Days for a Local Roofing Contractor in New Jersey

  • We used our proven Facebook financing funnel!
  • We quadrupled the number of leads
  • We generated 289 leads in a month

How 88 Leads at $96 a Pop Turned into $300k


  • We got 88 high-quality roofing leads in a month!
  • Our Cost per Click was $20
  • Conversion Rate between 16% and 30%

Generating 95 Roofing Leads in 30 Days for $15/lead

  • We focused on specific audience
  • We promoted video testimonials
  • We took the right approach

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