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Our Goal

Simple and straightforward

Our main goal is simple and straightforward – complete market domination. We will make you unstoppable, profitable, and big – LONG-TERM.

With Profit Roofing Systems, you will always fall back on bulletproof market domination strategies, finally take back control of your local market & start moving your roofing business onwards and upwards. We will set you up to crush it with a completely hands-off system that delivers high quality roofing leads with no risk for you.

Our Approach

Head-On & Results-Driven

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we transform roofing businesses of all sizes into profitable empires. We don’t make empty promises.

We’ve got our experience and expertise to back us up, and you’ve got our guarantee and no-risk sales and lead generation system to back you up. We use the best digital marketing tactics tailored to your specific needs and to your uniquely & highly competitive roofing industry.


Why Roofers Are Going Digital

The need to deploy digital marketing strategies has never been higher for roofing contractors as homeowners and business owners have almost completely moved their inquiries online. The first and last place they’ll look for you is online, and it is exactly with online marketing strategies that you’ll be able to match with them and grow your roofing business exponentially.

1.2 million

Online searches for roofing services each month


Year-over-year growth in searches for roofing companies


Average amount spent on roofing services after search


Percent of people who look for roofing services online

What Can You Expect


…the competition with roofing leads rolling in for as long as you can handle them.


…your area with a roofing marketing team that has got you covered on all fronts.


…like never before, get a huge return on investment & increase your revenue within a year.

Our Clients Love us

(and we love them!)

Matt worked on my roofing website at Klaus Roofing. He is extremely knowledgeable and really taught me a lot about SEO. Before I chose Matt to redo my website, he sent me a video that clearly and concisely revealed to me many of the errors that my old website had and how it was hindering my online presence and business growth. He was very easy to work with and was very prompt in completing my website, not to mention he answered all of my questions right away.
Jeff Klaus
I have had Matt run my ad campaign last summer, the work he’s done has been exceptional, and I will definitely be continuing to use his services. Great customer service, and everything he does works!
Kyle Patrick
Matt has been a BIG help with redoing my website for me!! He started out by offering an analysis of my website, told me what was lacking and what needed to be fixed for FREE. I was amazed at what he found. I would highly recommend you get in touch with Matt and let him look at your website.
Randy Patton
41919 (1) (1)
Matt and his team did an amazing job optimizing our website by getting us on the first organic page of Google faster than we expected. You cannot go wrong using him to get more leads. Matt is the real deal and I would highly recommend him for any online marketing needs.
Jeremy You

Why Choose Us?

Risk-free Guarantee

We generate you the set minimum number of leads or work for free until you get what you paid for.

Complete Solution for Domination

We get you to the top of your local market and ensure you stay there using all high-ROI channels.

Complete Exclusivity

We only work with one roofer per area so all the leads and sales we generate are completely exclusive to you!

We deliver more

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Our Digital Marketing Services FAQ

We know you got many questions.
We’ll answer the ones most commonly asked.

Profit Roofing Systems has got you covered from start to finish – from analysis to generating qualified leads. Our roofing marketing team is specialized for each and every step in the lead generation process and provides roofing contractors with full service and a complete roofing marketing package. We design an individualized market-domination strategy for your roofing company and based on in-depth research, decide which channels will be used for the best results.

These channels may include SEO for roofing contractors, Google Ads marketing campaigns, Facebook Ads lead generation, roofing website design, social media management, and others. We take advantage of everything that the market has to offer, boost your entire online presence, maximize every available channel based on your specific needs, and make it possible for your roofing business to finally scale up.

Online roofing leads are not like referrals and this is what we always tell our roofing contractors. With referrals, you basically have a ready customer, but not with online leads. With them, you have to put in some effort to turn them into a real appointment/a sale.

You need to work those leads and FOLLOW UP on them multiple times. Follow-up being the keyword here, which is another crucial thing that we try to educate our roofing contractors on. You need to call the leads as soon as possible – within the first 5 minutes if you want to up your chances of closing them. Basically, you need to work for those leads that you want – or leave everything up to our digital marketing agency!

We have an automated system in place to follow up with EACH AND EVERY lead. So the answer is yes, we do absolutely everything for you, including following up on roofing leads. It is a part of our complete digital marketing services for roofing companies.

Everything that is predetermined and agreed upon at the beginning of our cooperation will be fulfilled and completed. We don’t make empty promises or say anything that we don’t mean when it comes to our roofing marketing services and the results we will generate.

That is why we offer a full risk-free guarantee where you pay us for the results that we get you and not for the roofing services we provide. This means that if we don’t get you the set minimum number of leads, we continue to work free of charge until at least that minimum is achieved.

Our work is always completely transparent and you can get an insight or an overview of the progress we have made at all times, in addition to receiving regular and detailed monthly reports.

Whatever happens, our clients always get what they pay us for.

When it comes to advertising a roofing company, it is important to have a presence across multiple online channels, including search engines, social media platforms, and map-based applications. This will ensure that you reach the widest possible audience and make sure that you are not dependent on any one channel. That way, your potential customers will be able to find you no matter where they are looking.

Google ads, SEO, and Google Maps are all essential for making sure your roofing company comes up in search results. Facebook ads and YouTube ads, on the other hand, are crucial when it comes to your social media presence and branding, and they are equally effective in reaching your target audience. And all of them put together result in an unbeatable roofing marketing strategy.

In addition to being present on multiple channels, it is also very important to create quality content that will engage your potential customers. Videos are particularly effective in conveying the quality of your work and your expertise, as well as highlighting the benefits of your roofing services. All in all, by investing in a comprehensive online advertising strategy and utilizing a combination of these strategies, you can ensure that your roofing company gets the visibility it needs to succeed, effectively reaches new customers, and starts visibly growing.

As a roofing business, it is essential to have an active presence on Facebook. In order to reach the widest possible audience, connect with your audience, position yourself as an expert in your field, and keep your brand top of mind, you need to post regularly and produce educational content, especially in the form of videos.

However, simply producing this content is not enough – you also need to set aside a budget for promoting your posts and videos on Facebook because Facebook is a paid platform, a pay-to-play kind of game. And with the recent changes to Facebook’s algorithm, organic reach may as well be dead, which means that unless you are willing to pay to promote your content, only your closest relatives will ever see what you post out there.

Therefore, if you want to maximize your reach, i.e., reach a wider audience and market your roofing business effectively on Facebook, you need to be prepared to invest in paid promotion. You need to set aside a part of your marketing budget for Facebook promotion because it is through this that you will be able to generate more leads for your business.

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