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Roofing Facebook Ads

Game – Changing Facebook Advertising for Your Roofing Business. Start Winning Big.

Why Facebook ads?

Well, first of all, everyone’s up there scrolling the news feed 24/7. You probably are, and your potential clients most definitely are. So, why not pop up in front of them? And not just in front of anybody, but in front of a carefully targeted audience that needs your roofing services.

In the hands of experts who know their way around roofing marketing specifically, Facebook advertising is one of the most powerful tools to generate a great number of new leads. With Facebook advertising, we can target a very specific target audience for you, an audience that is highly likely to click on your ad and buy your roofing services. And all of that at an affordable cost per click, much lower overall costs compared to other digital marketing channels, and with a very high return on investment.

If you want to get your message across, put your roofing Facebook ads in front of the people who matter, Facebook advertising is the way to go. And Profit Roofing Systems will make it happen.

So, make the best business decision for your roofing company and start winning big without breaking the bank. Your exclusive, high-quality leads and a pipeline full of them for the long run are just around the corner. Make the turn and let’s crush your competition together!

What Can You Expect

Tested & Proven Funnels

Tried and true, crucial funnels for roofers that generate as many qualified leads as you need.

Roofing Leads, Not Just Likes

Qualified leads are what bring in profit and scalability. And we generate you as many leads as it takes.

100% Exclusive Facebook Leads

High-quality roofing leads reserved just for you. Every lead we generate goes straight to you, no detours.

Complete Hands-Off Facebook Lead Generation Solution

When it comes to advertising on Facebook, we don’t just specialize in social media management, we specialize in social media lead generation. Because the best Facebook ads for roofers are not just about getting likes, comments, and shares. It matters to an extent, of course.

But what it comes down to is generating leads. And that will happen if the funnel is right and if the targeting is right, among other things. You can have an amazingly compelling offer, but if you’re targeting the wrong audiences, your calendar will stay pretty empty. But never with us. Our effective Facebook ads bring in as many leads as you can handle.

Top Facebook Marketing Experts Taming the Roofing Niche

The roofing industry is probably the hardest industry to generate leads from Facebook. Why? Because nobody will casually scroll through their news feed and all of a sudden decide to spend $10k on a new roof.

Generating roofing leads requires a very specific, research-driven approach, where every single aspect of the Facebook ad campaign adds up perfectly – from ad copies, a compelling offer, and pictures to the landing pages and custom audiences. We take a deep dive into your local market, research your ideal customer, and create a custom audience to show your roofing Facebook ads to.

Want to take advantage of the most powerful Facebook ads lead generation system for roofers?

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(Y)our Secret Weapon – Proven Funnels for Kickass, Scalable Results

With our 5-year experience in Facebook ads for roofing contractors, numerous successful Facebook marketing campaigns, and countless tests conducted with social media paid ads and Facebook ads for roofers specifically, we know what works and what doesn’t. And we’ve cracked the code on the most crucial roofing leads funnels, including our three specialized ones: hail funnel, insurance funnel, & financing funnel.

Each of the funnels represents a very specific Facebook marketing campaign and ad set, creating carefully outlined Facebook ads for roofers, based on your specific offer, needs, and market. Very high conversion rates, affordable cost per click, and high-quality leads are guaranteed.

We deliver more

More Bang for Your Buck – This Is What You Came For

Facebook ads for roofers are one of the best, most cost-effective ways of generating roofing leads and ultimately, scaling your roofing company.

One of the greatest advantages of Facebook advertising is that it is a cost-per-click model of digital marketing, which means that you will pay only for clicks on your roofing Facebook ads, out of your previously defined daily or general budget.

And when compared with other types of roofing marketing efforts, advertising on Facebook is still one of the most affordable marketing strategies for roofers, one that brings in a significant return on investment. At Profit Roofing Systems, we use carefully outlined strategies to maximize your Facebook lead generation, bringing in high-quality leads that will, in turn, continually bring YOU $10k-worth of roof replacement jobs.

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Find Out How Our Tried & True Funnels Work for Your Benefit

At Profit Roofing Systems, we use 5 tried and true Facebook funnels for lead generation, including three highly specialized, highly converting, and profitable roofing funnels. Here’s how these three work.

If an area gets hit by hail, our roofing marketing team acts fast and activates the hail funnels we have set up for your roofing company within the first 6 hours. And if we know a day or two ahead that hail is going to happen, we can even activate the funnels during the hail or as soon as it starts. 

We don’t run the roofing Facebook ads from your company page but rather we create a new, local landing page for you and run ads from there. All leads that we generate from this funnel, i.e. all lead forms that are submitted, go directly into your inbox.

Our hail funnel, just like the insurance and financing funnels, is tested, tried, proven, and actively working for our roofing companies.

The basic principles and steps of our insurance roofing funnel are the same or very similar to the hail roofing funnel. With them, we make sure you get qualified leads who need insurance roofing help and services.

The main differences with this funnel are the targeting options. Here, we target people that got hit by a storm or hail in the last 6-12 months to encourage them to check their roofs. Our main goal is to let homeowners know that they can still file a claim even after 6-12 months and that our roofer can help with the entire process.

The basic principles and steps of our financing roofing funnel are the same or very similar to the hail roofing funnel. With these, we capitalize on the great financing options that you offer your clients to attract as many new leads as possible. 

And just like with the insurance funnel, the main differences with this funnel are also the targeting options. Here, we have a very effective tool that allows us to target specific audiences based on their specific incomes.

Want to take advantage of the most powerful Facebook ads lead generation system for roofers?

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