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Welcome to the big leagues with MADMAT by Profit Roofing Systems! The average is out and epic wins are in. Are you tired of playing catch-up in the roofing rat race?
We're here to flip the script. It's time to stop chasing shadows and start being the shadow that everyone else chases.
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Dive into the big leagues and leave your competition in the dust.
Ready for complete exclusivity and domination?
It's your move.
Matt Jacob
Owner | PROS

Phase 1: Lay Down the Law With a Rock-Solid Foundation

Action Items:


Success Stories

Matt worked on my roofing website at Klaus Roofing. He is extremely knowledgeable and really taught me a lot about SEO. Before I chose Matt to redo my website, he sent me a video that clearly and concisely revealed to me many of the errors that my old website had and how it was hindering my online presence and business growth. He was very easy to work with and was very prompt in completing my website, not to mention he answered all of my questions right away.
Jeff Klaus
I have had Matt run my ad campaign last summer, the work he’s done has been exceptional, and I will definitely be continuing to use his services. Great customer service, and everything he does works!
Kyle Patrick
Matt has been a BIG help with redoing my website for me!! He started out by offering an analysis of my website, told me what was lacking and what needed to be fixed for FREE. I was amazed at what he found. I would highly recommend you get in touch with Matt and let him look at your website.
Randy Patton
41919 (1) (1)
Matt and his team did an amazing job optimizing our website by getting us on the first organic page of Google faster than we expected. You cannot go wrong using him to get more leads. Matt is the real deal and I would highly recommend him for any online marketing needs.
Jeremy You

Kyle Patrick of South Shore Roofing: “We dominate no matter what.”

If you want to see real results, straight from a roofer we’ve been working with for years now, check out this video. Kyle Patrick, the owner of South Shore Roofing, guides you through what we’ve been doing with his marketing and the results he’s been getting – in black and white.

Dive into the big leagues and leave your competition in the dust.
Ready for complete exclusivity and domination?
It's your move.
Matt Jacob
Owner | PROS

MADMAT: Your Secret Weapon to Market Domination

MADMAT isn’t just a tool; it’s your ace in the hole for making your roofing biz the talk of the town. We’ve dialed up our game to make you the best. It’s about building an empire that stands tall, proud, and unshakable.

Wake Up!

This isn’t just another call to action. It’s your wake-up call to join the elite circle of roofers who don’t just play the game—they set the rules. With Profit Roofing Systems, you’re not just growing your business; you’re setting a new gold standard in the roofing industry.

Pumped to leave your mark? Book a call with Matt, and let’s start crafting your legacy in the roofing world.


Why Roofers Are Going Digital

The need to deploy digital marketing strategies has never been higher for roofing contractors as homeowners and business owners have almost completely moved their inquiries online. The first and last place they’ll look for you is online, and it is exactly with online marketing strategies that you’ll be able to match with them and grow your roofing business exponentially.

1.2 million

Online searches for roofing services each month


Year-over-year growth in searches for roofing companies


Average amount spent on roofing services after search


Percent of people who look for roofing services online

Before You Click

Since this is an exclusive program and we only work with one roofer per area, the number of seats in our program is limited. However, in order to realize our partnership, there are also certain criteria you need to meet:

Your company has been in the business for more than a year
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Your yearly revenue doesn’t go under $1,000,000
$ 0
Your annual marketing budget is at least $50,000
$ 0

We’re not looking for clients; we’re looking for partners to team up with who know growth requires investment, but success is inevitable.

What Makes Us Different From Other Agencies?

At Profit Roofing Systems, we don’t just play the game; we change it. Our unique approach to roofing digital marketing sets us miles ahead of the competition, ensuring your business is remembered and chosen.

Here's why we stand out

Your ambition is our command. Whether you’re eyeing a modest increase or aiming to double your size, we customize your growth trajectory to suit your vision.
There is no outsourcing here. Our professionals are all under one roof, ensuring seamless, cohesive strategies that deliver results.
Say goodbye to juggling multiple vendors. We’re your one-stop shop for digital marketing, from SEO to branding.
When we partner with you, it’s a one-roofer-per-area deal. No shared leads, no divided attention. Your success is our sole focus.
We’re not about just getting you on the map. We’re here to make YOU the map, setting you as the benchmark in the roofing industry.
Our roots run deep in the roofing sector, bringing years of specialized knowledge to elevate your brand.
With an actual roofer on our team, we bring you the best insider knowledge, sales expertise, and trend foresight.
We designed our solutions to position you as number one in your area. With full transparency, you’ll always know about the value we bring to your business.
Dive into the big leagues and leave your competition in the dust.
Ready for complete exclusivity and domination?
It's your move.
Matt Jacob
Owner | PROS

More questions? More answers!

You bet! We’re all about hitting the sweet spot with your ad spend. Is Winter’s chill slowing down the roof biz? We won’t burn cash on lead campaigns that end up on ice. Instead, we’re all in on branding—keeping you in the game without going overboard. And if it’s time to pause the campaigns, we hit the brakes—no charges for downtime. We’ve got your back, adjusting our playbook to what’s best for you, not the other way around.
We’re keeping it chill; with us, you’ll only be getting month-to-month agreements. Why? Because we’re that confident you’ll stick around for the wins. No handcuffs, no strings attached—just pure commitment to blowing your roofing game out of the water.
Straight talk: it’s all yours—the ads, the web page, the Facebook frenzy, you name it. But let’s keep it real—if you’ve only been with us for a hot minute, don’t expect to grab everything and dash. We’re in the business of building empires, not hit-and-runs.
Absolutely. When we say exclusive, we mean no double-dipping on your turf. You’re the king of your ZIP code area; we’re here to fortify those walls.
We’ve been crushing it in the roofing marketing biz since 2016. That’s years of tailored strategies, all aimed at making you the roofing royalty in your domain.
It’s not our style. Our crew? All in-house, two dozen strong. We’re talking crème de la crème of digital marketing, dedicated to your cause, ensuring your roofing empire’s domination.
Here’s the lowdown: results vary by your battlefield—be it a cozy town or a bustling metropolis, storm-prone or calm skies. It’s about the strategy, the spending, and the web presence. We tailor the campaign armor to suit your conquests, considering all angles to ensure victory.

You need to spend money to make money. But with us, you can adjust your cost based on your ambition. We want to start by allocating 5-10% of your revenue as a foundational step, aiming to scale your ambitions skyward progressively. After achieving all the set goals, we adjust the strategy so the total cost can be only 3% of the invested revenue. That’s our ultimate goal. But if you’re eager for accelerated growth – the control is in your hands. Adjust the total cost to match your ambitions. Your pace, your growth.

Transparency is our middle name. Every lead, every call, every click—we track it, trace it, listen to it, and tie it back to your ROI. We hook you up with or without your own CRM, keeping everything crystal clear. This is about knowing your kingdom’s worth down to the last penny.
Dive into the big leagues and leave your competition in the dust.
Ready for complete exclusivity and domination?

It's your move.

Matt Jacob
Owner | PROS

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