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Roofing Marketing - How To Market Your Roofing Company?

Everything you need to know about roofing marketing in a comprehensive guide provided by Profit Roofing Systems, a specialized roofing marketing agency recognized from coast to coast.

How to market a roofing company? This is probably the most commonly asked question that runs through the head of every roofing company owner. Well, the wait is over because, in the following paragraphs, you will find out everything you need to know about roofing marketing in order to advertise your company to its peak, thus providing it with extraordinary income and business. 

We will cover everything, from understanding roofing advertising to effective marketing strategies for roofers and much more. Our extensive knowledge and experience guarantee that this guide is not just an empty story but a text based on many years of work in digital marketing specialized for roofers, whose testimonies confirm our professionalism and commitment to work.

With the necessary introductions out of the way, it’s time to dedicate ourselves to uncovering all the secrets of this special form of marketing.

The Importance of Marketing for Roofing Businesses

Of course, marketing is important for every business, not just roofing companies. With so much competition in the market, every roofing company that wants to progress and maintain itself must include marketing in its daily activities. Long ago, Henry Ford said: “Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.” To simplify the quote, marketing is an integral part of business, and the sooner you see that, the sooner you can begin to take advantage of all the benefits that marketing brings. On the other hand, a business without marketing is doomed to failure!

Overview of the Roofing Market

According to Expert Market Research, one of the foremost market research and business intelligence companies, the global roofing market stood at a value of about USD 121.8 billion in 2022, and the market is expected to grow further at a CAGR of 4.7% between 2023 and 2028, reaching a value of approximately USD 160.44 billion by 2028.

As we can see, this data tells us how important the roofing industry is and how much money is involved in it. The money generated by the roofing industry is anything but negligible, isn’t it?

Understanding Roofing Marketing

Roofing marketing is a combination of different marketing activities, both digital and traditional, with the aim of obtaining as many marketing leads as possible. 

Also, roofing advertising helps with the branding of the roofing company and establishing it as an authority in its niche.

The target audience for roofing marketing can be divided into two parts:

First are the clients, homeowners, or business owners who will contact a roofing company for their residential or commercial roofing needs after they see a roofing company’s marketing.

The second target audience are potential clients who, because of the strong brand built by a roofing company’s marketing, will keep that company in mind when they need certain roofing services, whether that’d be a roof repair or a complete roof replacement.

We must emphasize that digital marketing for roofers can play a key role for both targeted audiences, and therefore it is necessary to implement all digital marketing activities that are available: roofing SEO, social media marketing for roofing companies, PPC advertising, and other.

Effective Marketing Strategies for Roofers

Branding is also an extremely effective marketing strategy that brings extraordinary results in the long run. Branding can best be implemented through three proven tactics:

Developing a Strong Brand Identity

A strong brand identity can be created through various online or offline channels. 

The best option is to use social network channels to promote the company through before/after photos of various roofing projects, then publish testimonials from satisfied clients, as well as publish posts in which the roofing company is presented as an authority on various roofing topics that bother the audience that follows these social network channels. 

Branding can also be created through various blog posts that the roofing company publishes on its website, in which it elaborates on topics related to the roofing business. Not to be forgotten, YouTube channels and podcasts can also be used to develop a strong brand identity.

Creating a Memorable Logo and Tagline

Another effective marketing strategy for creating brand awareness is having a memorable logo and tagline presented on both online and offline marketing channels. 

To succeed in this marketing strategy, you can use the services of a quality and creative graphic designer who will present the essence of your business through a clear and interesting logo, as well as the services of a copywriter who will come up with an adequate tagline by which you will be recognized in the world of roofing.

Consistent Branding Across All Marketing Materials

In order for your branding to be adequate and efficient, you need consistent branding across all marketing materials. 

This means that your logo and tagline will be presented on all offline and online marketing channels. You will also have a unique marketing message that will present you to future and current clients as an authoritative and experienced roofer they will turn to for all their roofing needs.

Consistency in branding will bring long-term results and help your roofing company sit on the throne as a roofing company that homeowners and business owners can turn to at any time.

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Building an Online Presence

An online presence is a must for all roofing companies who want to keep up with the competition and are in the race for part of the income that roofing brings. This presence can be achieved through several strategies, the three most important of which are a professional website, roofing SEO, and the use of social media channels.

Creating a Professional Website

When we say professional roofing website, we first mean that your website is responsive and mobile-friendly; these would be the basics of a professional website. Then, you should aim for the website to be unique, primarily that the photos presented on the website are original and not downloaded from one of the many sites with generic, impersonal photos.  Of course, the website should have adequate speed since research has shown that the loading speed should not be more than three seconds because potential clients might get bored/frustrated and leave if it takes too long to load a page. Furthermore, the website must be adequately secured against hacker attacks. Finally, a professional roofing website must have an attractive web design. That’s why it is essential that the website is created in accordance with the UX/UI design, which is extremely important if you want your website visitors to not bounce after a few seconds of research.

Utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Along with a professionally designed website, in order to create an online presence, it is necessary to implement roofing SEO so that your website is adequately set up for internet search engines. SEO is implemented through several techniques, from on-page SEO, which edits the content on the page itself, through off-page SEO, which is in charge of backlinks, to local SEO, which is the basis for local search.  The implementation of technical SEO is also a must so that the website is fully optimized for search engines.

Engaging With Customers on Social Media Platforms

Social networks are your FREE PR channels! Remember that and make the most of them, not only to influence the branding of your roofing company but also to connect with your audience and followers. From Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to GMB (Google My Business) listings and TikTok, these are all social media channels for branding roofing companies. If they are managed smartly and strategically, the results can be superb, and your roofing business can reach incredible business heights.

Leveraging Digital Advertising

In addition to the free channels provided by digital marketing, there are also marketing strategies in which it is necessary to invest a certain amount of money in order for them to bring results. We are talking about marketing channels that replaced traditional ones, which is no wonder since digital advertising channels bring many more advantages. 

Some of the advantages of digital marketing compared to traditional marketing are, among other things, much better targeting, the ability to influence the campaign in real time, and much better control over the budget. 

The most famous forms of paid advertising in digital marketing are:

  1. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising,
  2. Display advertising, and
  3. Social media advertising.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

For all those who do not have the time to wait for the results of roofing SEO, PPC advertising is exactly what they need. SEO namely requires time – at least three months – and a lot of work, while paid advertising, if managed correctly, is an ideal solution for breaking through to the top of the search engine. 

It should also be said that the best results are obtained when these two techniques, SEO and PPC advertising, are combined; therefore, it is necessary to find a digital marketing agency with sufficient experience and knowledge in both areas of digital marketing.

If, in addition to these techniques, two other paid digital marketing techniques (display advertising and social media advertising) are included, success is guaranteed!

Display Advertising

The Google Ads platform contains several marketing parts, the most famous of which are PPC and display advertising. While PPC is associated with payments per click (meaning you’ll be charged for every click on an ad), display advertising is associated with payment per view and is also known as CPM, i.e., Cost Per Mile ( in other words, billing per a thousand impressions).

The difference between these two marketing techniques is also in the ad construction. While a PPC ad consists of a headline and description, a display ad contains a photo or video of different dimensions and can also contain an ad copy and CTA.

The biggest advantage of display advertising is the visuals that can attract attention and that can contain specific text that encourages action; and like other marketing activities related to digital marketing, you can control display ads throughout the entire advertising period.

Social Media Advertising 

Social networks are not only free channels for promoting your roofing business but also advertising platforms through which you can target your potential clients with extraordinary precision. What distinguishes social media advertising from community management on social networks is that social media advertising is aimed at generating leads. 

If done right, social media ads can bring many benefits to your roofing company. However, like all other digital marketing channels, social media advertising also requires expertise and experience.

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Traditional Marketing Methods for Roofers

Along with digital marketing, traditional forms of marketing can still deliver results, so they should not be excluded from your marketing activities. If we were to single out the most famous traditional marketing channels, then we would definitely list the following:

  1. Print advertising,
  2. Direct mail campaigns and
  3. Radio and television advertising.

Print Advertising

From newspaper ads to door-hanging flyers, every ad printed on paper is part of print advertising. Although digital media has largely dominated the market and almost everyone searches for news by scrolling on their cell phone, the printed edition of newspapers still exists, and there are people who read them. 

Also, various specialized magazines can be an ideal space to place your ad. It should also be said that printed advertising also includes advertising on billboards, which is also optimal for promotion since they are located in places where the audience frequency is high and a huge number of people can see them.

Direct Mail Campaigns

When was the last time you got a letter? Or physical mail? Emails arrive in your inbox every day, while letters almost never do. This is why direct mail campaigns can bring results. People want a good old letter that they can hold in their hands and read, like how they once used to read letters from a good friend or long-lost love.

Roofers who include direct mail campaigns in their marketing activities will certainly stand out from the majority who firmly stick to email marketing campaigns only. After all, why not use both and gain the benefits of both email campaigns and traditional direct mail campaigns?

Radio and Television Advertising

While television advertising, for many, is an expensive investment that is losing its significance, especially after digital marketing came along, radio advertising is still relevant and can bring in results. The reason is obvious: radio is everywhere, in cars, mom-and-pop stores, and even shopping centers, so radio advertising provides the possibility of reaching the target audience in a certain area.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing and Referrals

Another segment of roofing marketing is word-of-mouth marketing. This type of marketing is the most credible and should, therefore, be used in your marketing activities. Although it seems demanding, if you provide exceptional customer service, then you have ideal conditions for word-of-mouth marketing. 

Homeowners trust other homeowners, just as business owners are more likely to trust the roofing recommendations of another business owner who had their roof immaculately refurbished. That is why you should strive for recommendations from your former clients.

Also, you can encourage your satisfied customers to recommend you to others for a certain fee or discount. In this way, you additionally encourage them to recommend you, which is a completely legitimate marketing tactic.

Understanding the Roofing Market

Roofing marketing will not bring adequate results if you are not familiar with the roofing market. What does that mean? This means that it is necessary to invest a certain amount of time and resources in order to analyze the local roofing market, study the competition in your roofing industry, and identify target demographics and customer preferences. 

Like any other marketing activity, roofing marketing requires planning and analysis, which are necessary for roofing advertising to bring results.

Measuring and Evaluating Marketing Success

Planning and analyzing before starting marketing campaigns is not the only thing you need to do to make your campaigns successful. You must likewise determine specific goals and KPIs (key performance indicators) that you will measure and thus evaluate the marketing success of these campaigns. These steps are necessary in order to not only analyze the marketing strategy but also to adapt it and thus get the most out of your marketing campaigns. 

Hiring a Roofing Marketing Agency

As you’ll probably surmise after reading all of this, roofing marketing can be extremely complex, requiring lots of resources, knowledge, and experience. It is therefore recommended that you hire an adequate roofing marketing agency that can implement successful marketing activities and campaigns for you.

Benefits of Outsourcing Marketing Services

The benefits of hiring an agency are manifold, among others:

  • Cost Efficiency (Although you pay an agency for marketing activities, we are talking about professionals who know how to get the best price on digital advertising platforms),
  • Access to expertise,
  • Flexibility and scalability,
  • Access to advanced tools and technologies,
  • Time savings,
  • Fresh perspectives and ideas, and
  • Measurable results.

But to get the above-listed benefits from the marketing agency, there are certain key considerations.

Key Considerations When Selecting a Marketing Agency

For example, you should opt for a marketing agency that has a proven track record and transparent results presented through all sorts of case studies and testimonials. Also, since roofing marketing requires a special kind of knowledge, it’s always better to hire a marketing agency with a background rather than a novice looking to gain marketing experience through advertising efforts for your company. 

Another consideration that should be taken into account when choosing an adequate roofing marketing agency is the level of services that the agency provides, i.e., always look for an agency that provides full-service marketing activities in its work. A full-service digital marketing agency will be able to respond to all the challenges that marketing campaigns bring and will be able to cover all marketing agendas and activities that you’re looking for.

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As promised at the beginning of this text, we have covered everything that is important related to roofing marketing. As you can see, roofing marketing consists of multiple marketing channels and strategies, and it is necessary to hire an adequate roofing marketing agency that will have enough knowledge and experience to implement your marketing goals and bring you a sufficient number of roofing leads. Hiring roofing digital marketing experts will skyrocket your roofing business to unimaginable heights. Therefore, be careful which roofing marketing agency you put your trust in because the difference in success can be tremendous.

Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Marketing for Roofing Companies

Digital marketing for roofers is not much different than digital marketing for other industries. The basis of digital marketing is the promotion of your roofing services, boosting your roofing brand, and generating roofing leads through finding potential clients.
There are several marketing services that are appropriate for roofing companies. Namely, these are: roofing SEO, Google and Facebook Ads (these are known as PPC campaigns and can include the Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per Mille (CPM) models), social media marketing, and content marketing.

A roofing digital marketing agency provides all kinds of services specially designed for roofing companies. Those services include search engine optimization (SEO), with a special focus on local SEO and GMB (Google My Business) listings, social media community management, social media advertising, content marketing, and PPC and display advertising. Roofing digital marketing agencies can also provide email marketing services, as well as lead generation and conversion optimization. 

A good agency will present all its activities through detailed reports and analytical data, which can help present the marketing activities and successes they have achieved during a certain period of time.

If properly managed, roofing advertising can bring great results. For this reason, it is necessary to leave marketing activities in the hands of a skilled roofing marketing agency that has knowledge and experience. They will know which marketing strategy to use so that roofing marketing campaigns are successful, which in turn returns any invested money and brings in new leads.
Email marketing can also provide measurable results, as well as the possibility of lead nurturing, which is an exceptional advantage, as certain roofing projects – such as roof replacements – involve a decision-making process that can take time, wherein customers are obtained through a sequence of emails that are sent during a set schedule.

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