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Facebook Ads Case Study: Revived Exteriors


Revived Exteriors

Revived Exteriors is a family-owned business that has been providing residential and commercial roofing services in Arlington Heights and the surrounding Chicago suburbs since 2011.

In addition to standard roofing services such as roof repairs and replacements, Revived Exteriors is also available to its clients in case of emergency roof restoration due to storms or hail.

The company also specializes in exterior construction. They offer the possibility of installing solar panels, windows, and building partitions and cladding.

Recently, they have been recognized as one of Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies in the US.


Through continuous investment in marketing and Facebook advertising, we wanted to reduce the cost of advertising and increase the number of potential customers, thus helping our client find new customers for his roofing services.

Before we begin, we’d like to emphasize that this goal was set in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, which completely disrupted not only the roofing niche in the US, but the entire world.

As we all know now, doing business during COVID-19 and under epidemiological measures and various lockdowns brought a new era of business, opening the door to not only working from home but also to universal isolation. However, roofers could not work remotely (we can’t even imagine that!) and were forced to adapt to various epidemiological measures and requirements, which was an additional challenge for an already highly competitive niche such as roofing.

Fun fact: In order to meet epidemiological measures, our resourceful roofer organized his company through a semi-remote work model. Namely, he made initial agreements and negotiations with clients through the Zoom app, until the day came when it was time to work on the roof.

While working on the roof, the homeowner who hired him wouldn’t even leave the house, and our roofer would solve any roofing problems in under a day. The roof could have needed a small repair or a complete replacement–whatever the case, this semi-remote model helped him maintain his business during the pandemic.

Another challenge we had to tackle was advising the client in building up his brand and recognition, with the aim of creating trust among future clients.


Since this is a client with whom we’ve had very open and honest communication from the start, we very easily agreed on how we’d operate. He listened to all of our advice related to building his brand. On his social network channels, he started publishing various reviews of satisfied customers, then educational videos in which he shared useful roofing tips related to the community.

He also recorded videos of roof inspections and wrote various informative and educational posts. Thanks to such intense activity on his social profiles, our client created a recognizable brand and strengthened the trust of all his former and potential customers.

Regarding the challenge related to Facebook advertising and reducing the cost per lead, as well as increasing the number of leads, we chose an innovative approach that brought us multiple benefits.

Namely, in cooperation with the client, we agreed that we would choose a special offer for Facebook ads, which consisted of a roof inspection with certain promotions, such as fine-tuning a roof. This offer was already the subject of our advertising, but the price was extremely high, which is why we wanted to further work on it.

We wrote an excellent ad copy that, more or less, remained unchanged throughout the advertising period, along with creating interesting visuals. The offer turned out to be more than tempting! Next, through various targeting options and A/B testing, we managed to not only reduce the price per potential customer but also increase the number of possible customers, even though we raised the price of the “Roof Tune-Up” promo.

The timing also helped us, since it’s much more profitable to promote roofing services during spring and summer, while autumn–and especially winter–is the hibernation period for most roofers. But as we’ve already pointed out, we can’t help but emphasize once again that the entire advertising process took place when the coronavirus was in full swing, and because of this, we consider our success even more impressive.

In the end, despite all the challenges and difficulties we encountered, we managed to help our client build and strengthen his roofing brand and enabled him to earn multiple revenues through Facebook advertising.

The campaign brings results even now and remains active to this day.


Through this case study, we wanted to show how important it is not only to have continuity while doing Facebook ads, but also to constantly invest in your social network profiles, regardless of the circumstances and challenges that your business will encounter.

Social networks are your free channels of promotion and can create positive PR.

Our client recognized this in time, and started recording videos in which he presented his roofing services, inspections of the roof, and reviews of satisfied clients. He connected with the community that followed him on his social network channels.

He also used social networks to present special offers that helped us break into the market and made us stand out from the competition, not only from the roofing niche but also from the general competition of advertisers on Facebook.

Thanks to specialized offers as well as regular publication on social networks, our campaign continues to bring fruitful results to the satisfaction of the client as well as ours.

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