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GBP SEO: Innpreccon Roofing

About the Client

Innpreccon Roofing

Innpreccon Roofing is a family-owned roofing company from Houston, having been in the business since 2016.

They’re a company that has completed more than 4,000 roofing projects in the greater Houston area, using only the best and highest quality roofing materials for their projects.

Innpreccon Roofing is one of our clients with the MADMAT status, and one of our goals was to rank them in the top three results on Google Maps, the so-called “Snack Pack.”


Traditionally speaking, the roofing industry is one of the most difficult industries to break into for ranking locally on Google. This is because there are many national roofing companies with limitless budgets and SEO teams who know what they’re doing targeting the same area as local companies. That’s why Houston is one of the most competitive areas to rank for. This was one of the more challenging–but also fun–projects for us to tackle!

The goal of our campaign was to position our client’s GBP among the top three results on Google Maps for searches related to roofing services. Being in the top three results on Maps is one of the most valuable positions not only for roofing, but for most other industries that need local presence and representation on Google’s search engine.

Due to its impressiveness, the “Snack Pack” dominates the screen. Additional elements of the “Snack Pack” should be mentioned too, such as the ratings (the little stars you see on a business), which signify quality and directly tell the searcher what kind of company they’re looking at and encourage them to make contact.

These are the reasons why, in local searches, the largest number of clicks, calls, and visits to the website occur precisely through the “Snack Pack,” and why it’s extremely important to be positioned among these top three results.

The Solution

The Houston metropolitan area has over 7 million people, so we had to adapt our local SEO strategy to accommodate this.

We knew optimizing the entire website just for Houston and hoping to rank in Houston and all the surrounding cities that fall under its metropolitan area wouldn’t be enough, so we decided on a granular strategy.

Granular Strategy as a Solution for GBP SEO

Let’s look at an example: Sugar Land is a city with a population of 118,563 that naturally gravitates geographically to Houston. However, people who search Google for roofing services from Sugar Land do so by entering, for example, “roofing” + “sugar land“, and much less often “roofing” + “houston“. Therefore, if we want to position ourselves well in Sugar Land (and other larger locations besides Houston), we need to optimize our website for Sugar Land as well.

In our granular approach, we decided to start from the ZIP code level, and gradually add new ZIP codes, or conquer existing areas under these ZIP codes. Since the physical address of our client–Innpreccon Roofing–is in ZIP code 77073, we started optimization and positioning from that location.

How Does GBP Work?

The physical location where a client’s Google Business Profile (GBP) is verified has a great influence on the client’s position on Google Maps. If we imagine that a client’s GBP is an antenna, then that antenna has a certain signal strength. The further we move away from the antenna, the weaker its signal strength. Google positions work in the same way–the closer the person searching for a certain service is to the GBP (antenna), the higher that GBP will be positioned in the “Snack Pack” (of course, provided that all other SEO elements are well implemented as well). Likewise, the further away that person is from the GBP’s physical address, the less often (if at all) the client’s GBP will appear in the “Snack Pack.”

This problem can be circumvented by creating local relevance for the position where the search occurs, which is exactly what we did.

However, this method has its limits. It is almost impossible to rank a GBP listing in the “Snack Pack” on the diametrically opposite side of Houston, because the distance is simply too great and the strength of our GBP (antenna) is too weak to cover such a large area.

Still, this problem can easily be solved by opening a new GBP on the other side of the city, but that’s a topic for another article.

The Result

So, in addition to implementing all of our best SEO practices–such as the creation of locally relevant citations, precise on-page optimization, and other standard SEO methods–we also started to create local relevance for specific ZIP codes.

We achieved this relevance by creating specific content for each ZIP code and creating specific links that came from each ZIP code, i.e. from the content. What is extremely important in this process is that the content is interesting and useful. In this process, we created a large number of locally relevant pages in which we integrated all the necessary keywords.

These pages signal to Google that our website and GBP are the most relevant results for that particular location from which the search is taking place, which Google rewards with a high position in its search results.

Yes, this approach requires a certain amount of time; but due to the results obtained, it’s absolutely worth investing in.

The results we achieved were truly enviable: a continuous and explosive growth of position on Google Maps (GBP “Snack Pack”) in all ZIP codes we optimized for.

We also had simultaneous growth in position for Google’s organic search for highly valuable keywords.
And, of course, we placed #1 in the “Snack Pack.”

With a well-prepared strategy and know-how, success is guaranteed.

We want to thank our client for trusting us, and we’ll continue conquering other ZIP codes in order to completely dominate the “Snack Pack” for all the most valuable keywords.

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