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How Can a Roofing Company Benefit from Partnering Up with a Real Estate Agency?

How Can a Roofing Company Benefit from Partnering Up with a Real Estate Agency?

Forming strategic and quality partnerships is very important if you are a roofer and it can be very beneficial for your business. One of the most beneficial partnerships you could develop is with a quality real estate agency in your area.

You are in the similar line of work – they buy and sell houses, and you deal with one of the most important parts of a house – the roof. This makes them your ideal lead generating partner.

Their client needs a professional roof inspection before they purchase a house – they refer the client to you. Their client needs a roof repair or replacement before selling the house – they refer the client to you.

How can you make this partnership work and make the most of it? Here is some fresh expert advice.


1. Search for Busy Real Estate Representatives

Visit different agencies in your area, ask around which one has been the most prominent and successful lately.

You may also have some friends or acquaintances who are real estate agents, so try to get in touch with them first and connect with them professionally. You may end up in a mutually beneficial collaboration or they may refer you to their colleagues and peers.

Detecting a very busy real estate representative can be tricky, but one way to find them is by following their ads and marketing efforts. Look for signs in front of houses for sale or ads and billboards around the city.


However, be careful  ! An agent who invests a lot of money in advertising is not necessarily a very active or a successful one. Again, ask around about that particular one.

You can also visit several realty offices in your neighborhood in person and ask them about their busiest agents. Usually, they will be glad to answer the question and you can start making a great checklist of your potential targets.

2. Pick Representatives Who Work with Buyers

If your goal is to generate new roofing leads and referrals from your partnership with a real estate agency or a representative, your best bet is an agency/representative that works with buyers. Why is that?

Home buyers will very often require or ask for a roofing inspection before they purchase the house. And which roofer will they choose? Probably the one that their real estate agent recommends to them.

The real estate agent is a professional that they trust, so they will surely follow their advice, especially if they are new to the area.

Even if they don’t require an inspection, the agent can refer them to you for any future roofing services they might require.

So go for the purchasing agents first, it is a really great strategy, don’t you think?


3. Meet with Agents

Go on a mini-tour of real estate agencies in the city. Drop by their offices and introduce yourself and your business. They are professionals just like yourself, so they will surely be glad to listen to your proposal.

Real estate representatives are individuals who generally like to collaborate with businesses and individuals that can benefit them and prove useful for their business.

So the most important thing you have to do is to present yourself and your proposal in the best light, give them helpful information, and maybe some helpful professional advice.

4. Don’t Give Up

Be persistent, have patience and do not give up if you don’t get a positive result during your search. Don’t feel bad, stay consistent and cordial.

At some point, representatives are going to appreciate your consistency and the result will be a collaboration with some big agency that does a great job and gets you many new referrals.


5. Visit Local Real Estate Office Meetings and Conferences

Pick an interesting and popular roofing related topic and present it to brokers at the real estate company’s meeting. They will surely be interested, so you can also start a short discussion on the topic.

Don’t forget to highlight how that agency could profit from collaborating with your business, and it will be a mutually beneficial relationship.

Furthermore, you should remember that the most important thing regarding this type of collaboration is providing specific value to the real estate agency as a roofing professional.

Taking a real estate agent to a fancy restaurant for a nice meal won’t be enough. They need value and concrete propositions.

For example, one of the best options is to provide him with a specific value in the form of business leads.

You can create a specific digital marketing campaign via Facebook Ads which will be oriented to generating new roofing leads. This can be done very quickly, you will generate leads for yourself and the agency, and it won’t require a huge financial investment, i.e. budget.

The greatest thing in a campaign like this is definitely the fact that everyone can benefit from it. But from the agency’s perspective, this roofer – you – will be the only local roofer who will bring concrete leads to the real estate agency – and that is a real measurable value!

And what does that mean for you?

Well, it most certainly means that the real estate agency’s business will grow rapidly, you will receive more and more referrals, and a more significant profit is guaranteed! 

Matt Jacob has been in the marketing business since 2008, working exclusively with roofers for more than 5 years now. He has come to know all the tricks of trade inside-out and he is committed to helping roofers by sharing some of the most important ones. Find out where your best opportunities lie, as well as which challenges lurk out there for roofers – all in his detailed blogs.

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