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How much should you pay for Google Ads in 2022 & Why is it important to have a good offer when we talk about PPC?

You probably heard this saying: “Running a business without advertising is like winking to a girl in the dark; no one will see it.” It really summarizes the true essence of marketing itself. You may have the most helpful product or service in the world, but if you aren’t using advertising to promote it, no one will know about it.

Because of that, ever since there were businesses, there have been marketing activities, as well. As companies evolved, so did marketing and advertising, which are still developing.

First, there were promotional activities through offline marketing channels, for instance, never surpassing flyers or outdoor billboards; then, it evolved to radio promotions, and soon after, TV commercials took over primacy. TV advertising has become one of the most influential advertising channels for years, until the internet and digital era arrived. And with the internet emerged other promotional channels, like social media marketing and PPC marketing.

What Is PPC Marketing?

Before we dive into an explanation of PPC marketing, let’s define the abbreviation PPC.

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click; hence PPC marketing is a type of advertising where you are charged for a click for your internet ad. It is an exceptional marketing activity that is connected only through online advertising, and the most prominent online advertising channel for PPC marketing is Google and its advertising platform, Google Ads.

Specifically, there are two billing models on Google Ads, and PPC is one of them. Also, PPC is known as the CPC model, which stands for Cost Per Click. Another billing model is the CPM model, which is the abbreviation for Cost Per Mile. CPM is a billing method where your ads are charged for thousands of displays through the Google advertising network.

Now that we have explained the basics, we owe you a more detailed explanation regarding PPC marketing and how to use it for your roofing business.

PPC marketing is one of the most prominent marketing tools nowadays, and it brings incredible success to those who are using it if they are using it as it is supposed.

The catch is simple – you need proper preparation to achieve a successful internet campaign and take advantage of all aspects of PPC marketing. That preparation requires, among other things:

  • clear marketing goals,
  • thorough competitors analysis,
  • a precise budget, and
  • intense research and selection of keywords you plan to use in your Google ads.

If you have done all that you need, your Google Ads campaign will be successful because the advantages of PPC marketing are huge.

Advantages of PPC marketing

The advantages of the usage of PPC marketing are incredible.

Unlike traditional marketing, PPC marketing enables the creation of customizable ad campaigns in real-time, gives results very quickly, is highly measurable, and is very profitable since you only pay Google when a potential customer clicks on your ad. Also another great advantage of PPC marketing is that it allows you to target the audience you want to show your ad precisely.

But, before you harvest the success from your PPC marketing campaign, you need to create an outstanding offer in your Google Ads campaign.

Why Is a Good Offer Important in PPC Marketing?

Why is a good offer in your Google ad important? There are several reasons, but the main one is that you are competing with many advertisers, not only from your niche but also in general.

For the record, there are hundreds of thousands of different ads on the Internet that you need to see as your competition. That’s why your offer must be tempting and appealing, compelling enough to call for action. Remember, competition on the Google Ads platform is brutal, and you need to stand out from the crowd to succeed.

Furthermore, with a compelling offer, you will not only stand out on the Google Ads platform, but your proposal will also be irresistible to your potential customers. As a result, a good offer will attract new leads, which will help your roofing business grow intensively. That’s why you need to invest time to determine what that good offer would be.

To help you with that, we have decided to share tips on finding a good roofing offer and presenting it through the Google Ads platform in the following paragraph.

How to Create an Irresistible Google Ads Campaign in Roofing Industry?

First things first, you need to determine what kind of roofing offer you’ll present. To succeed in this, use all the information you have collected from your previous customers, browse the internet and try to find out what kind of proposal would be irresistible. Information and data will show whether it will be, for example, a Roof Tune-Up or an offer related to roof replacement.

After you have determined your offer, conducting intense marketing research regarding keywords is next.

Keywords are the essential aspect of a Google ads campaign since they are ads trigger. It means that whenever someone types a particular keyword into the browser, your ad will appear. Hence, your keyword research must be comprehensive and conducted in detail.

The next step in this process is creating an irresistible, compelling ad with a clear CTA (Call To Action). We must emphasize that creating such an ad on the Google platform is very demanding since the number of characters limits ads. Google allows only 30 characters for an ad headline and 90 characters for an ad description. Furthermore, the character count in your Google Ad also includes the use of spaces which means that you really need to be good at creating ad content to present your offer.

Also, there are certain visual limitations while creating ads, so you need to follow google ad visual guidelines as well.

After all these steps, there is one more: campaign testing. It means that you will create several different ads and visuals and then test them through a certain period. It is a necessary step because only testing will show what type of ads and visuals bring new customers to your roofing business.


We hope you find these marketing ideas and tips helpful and will use them to improve your marketing efforts. PPC marketing is full of endless possibilities, so it would be a mistake not to use it in your business.

Nevertheless, if you find PPC marketing overwhelming and hard to understand yet would like to grow your roofing business, feel free to contact us. Together, we can dominate your niche.

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