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Tips and Tricks to Optimize Your Roofing GMB

You’ve probably noticed that Google has created a stunning feature on its search engine – Google My Business listing, also known as a GMB listing.

In today’s digital age, a company that doesn’t have a GMB listing can be considered as non-existent. Don’t believe it? Okay, let’s take an example. You are thinking about a new roof so what will you search for? Maybe “the best residential roofing company in [city].” Once you type that in and press enter, a lot of results will appear, but you’ll focus on the GMB listings instead, where you’ll be able to see a business’s working hours, locations, services, reviews, etc. You may even make a snap judgment about the company based on the information you learn from their GMB, right? That’s how powerful GMB is, without most of us even realizing it.

Furthermore, when we think of the popular GMB 3-pack – the three listings that appear at the top of the search (a real golden nugget for your business) – the importance of GMB listings comes to the fore even more.

Due to all of the above, we’ll now explain in detail what a GMB listing is and why it’s so important to have one for your roofing business. Plus, we’ll share tips and tricks to help your roofing GMB listing truly stand out in the vast landscape that is Google’s search engine.

What Is a GMB Listing?

In short, a GMB listing is a Google feature that helps you present all relevant information about your roofing business, including your company name, address, phone number, service area, working hours, services, and many more. As we’ve written from the start, your profit can suffer tremendously if your roofing business doesn’t have its own GMB listing. Here’s why!

Why Is a GMB Listing Important for Your Roofing Business?

First of all, your roofing Google Business Profile will help you stand out from the competition and appear to your potential customers when they need you the most. Secondly, thanks to GMB, you can also build your roofing brand and use it to increase your profits and find more customers. As with all social networks and websites, GMB listings are regularly used by competitor businesses, so if you don’t have one, you could be drastically lagging behind.

We mustn’t forget another advantage of having a GMB listing for your roofing business, and that’s when a devastating storm or hail occurs, causing homeowners to massively flood search engines looking for reliable roofing companies. Those with an optimized GMB listing that appears in the golden 3-pack (the first three listings on the search engine) will profit the most from this.

How Do You Get a GMB Listing for Your Roofing Company?

To get a GMB listing for your roofing company is quite easy. All you need to do is visit the Google Business site and fill in the necessary information about your roofing business. After that, you need to wait for the Google verification code, which is usually sent by postcard to your office address (in some cases, other means of verification can be through a phone or video call). GMB listings are free of charge, so all you need to do is wait for that pin number to arrive and then verify your GMB listing by entering the code. Once done, your GMB listing is ready for optimization. Read on to find out how to optimize your GMB profile correctly!

Tips and Tricks to Optimize Your Roofing GMB

First things first, to manage your GMB roofing profile, you can either use the Google Maps app (if you are managing it through your cell phone), or manage it directly from your browser’s Google Search if you’re using a desktop PC. You will need to be signed in to your Gmail account for either one, as it’ll be connected to your GMB listing.

The GMB listing contains the following categories that you must carefully fill out: the aforementioned business information (popularly known as NAP – Name, Address, Phone. The order of these three must be the same on all channels on the Internet; therefore, the name of the company MUST NOT be written differently, nor the address and phone number), category, service area, working hours, services, and business description. Pay close attention to these categories, as they’re the core of your GMB roofing listing.

Your GMB listing can also be optimized through the photo section, and that section contains three categories: Logo, Profile Photos, and Cover Photos. When you upload photos on your GMB roofing profile, be sure to include an ALT description on each and every one of them.

Furthermore, on your GMB listing, you can regularly publish all kinds of content, like offers, posts about your services, new equipment, meet-the-team posts, etc. All of these posts will be published as part of your GMB and will be visible to the public. Through them, you will be able to build a brand for your roofing company and attract new customers.

One more great feature of GMB is reviews!

The more reviews with five stars and written text, the better. Others read these reviews, and through them, they can form their own opinion about your company and decide whether to hire you or not.

An additional tip we can give you is to regularly respond to received reviews (whether positive or negative), since your response can bring you such extra benefits as:

  1. You give the impression that you care about your online presence and credibility on the Internet, and
  1. An objective observer, through your answer, gets insight into you and your communication with both real and fake clients (people who deliberately leave negative reviews on the Internet, a kind of Internet troll that feeds on negative emotions). When you answer antagonistic clients in a cultural manner, the objective observer may thus not take the negative reviews seriously and, depending on how you handled your reply, may favor you instead.

Don’t Know How to Optimize Your Roofing GMB? Call Profit Roofing Systems

If the above useful techniques for creating a roofing GMB seem overwhelming, but you would still like to have your GMB listing optimized and prepared for Google’s 3-pack, then contact Profit Roofing Systems, a digital marketing agency specialized for roofing businesses.

With years of experience in roofing marketing and dozens of satisfied clients with whom we have a long-standing partnership with, we are the perfect digital marketing agency for your local SEO needs. Besides roofing SEO services, we provide Google Ads Services and Facebook Ads Services for roofers, along with Social Media Marketing and Content Services. We are also specialized in web development and web design for roofing websites, so your roofing business can only benefit massively from our digital marketing services.

Contact us today, and let’s talk about your marketing business goals and objectives.

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