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Find Out Why These Seven Roofing Websites Are Awesome

A long time ago, before the Internet era struck us, roofers were fated with door-to-door knocking and offline advertising tactics to acquire qualified leads. Some roofers would use radio advertising, and only a few could afford a TV commercial.

Luckily for them, the Internet arrived, along with online advertising, social media, and websites.

As for the roofing websites, they evolved as the roofers’ most valuable asset. Websites have become a fundamental tool for work, a company’s identity card, and an excellent source of quality leads if appropriately created.

An ideal roofing website should have well-presented information, an explanation of services, a lot of testimonials and credentials, several channels of communication, clear and user-friendly design, helpful and informative blog posts, along with other required elements.

These components are something we implement in roofing websites that we design, and before we explain why you should choose us if you need a professional roofing website, here are some of the websites that we created.

Lucent Energy Management

Green, white, and blue are this website design’s primary colors.

The header of the site consists of several elements. There is a phone number and a link to a contact page in the upper left corner, while in the upper right corner, there is a horizontal menu with drop-down options.

Our web-design team went the extra mile while creating a header image, putting a client’s logo as Sun that reflects its rays on solar panels, and just beside the house, we presented a rounded CTA button in green.

The homepage is full of beautiful photos of roofs with solar panels and small pieces of content that explain the client’s credentials and expertise.

We have also presented client services and testimonials of satisfied customers.

At the end of the homepage, we have placed one more CTA button in green; on the left are social media links, and on the right, we have positioned an email form for a newsletter.

We intended to create a harmonious website that would present the client’s services and encourage new customers to contact our client, which we did.

ID Roofing

Just after you open this website, social media recommendations with stars and reviews welcome you. Also, at first sight, a visitor can see that ID roofing offers free estimates, a phone number for information is clearly visible, and there is information about financing options, as well.

In a header section, you will also see a horizontal menu that presents services, products, a blog section, and a contact page.

If you continue to scroll through the homepage, you will see more credentials, details about services, testimonials, and reviews. Also, there are indicated CTA buttons, photos of the completed projects, and even a few roofing tips regarding prolonging the roof’s lifespan.

Furthermore, a chat button offers a quick connection with a representative. Finally, in the footer of the homepage, there is a Google Map that indicates company NAP (Name, Address, and Phone number) and shows how many Google reviews the company has, along with the overall review rating.

As you can see, ID Roofing has precisely those elements that we have listed as the most important for a professional roofing website. It has a user-friendly interface, neat information regarding its services and products, visibly presented testimonials, a possibility of giving information about estimates through a phone number and contact form, etc.

Furthermore, the website is dominated by calming colors (yellow, white, and blue), which attract people to read and explore the website as they rest their eyes.

Hilton Head Solar

A breathtaking picture of solar panels in the early morning, just before sunrise, occupies you as soon as you open this website.

This image is the header’s background, which contains all the most important information about this company.

Phone numbers and mail are visible in the upper left corner, while on the right corner is a horizontal menu with services, service areas, contact page, blog page, etc.

While scrolling through the homepage, one can see credentials and certifications, images with content that explains companies way of work, and short service descriptions with links to specially dedicated pages that explain every service.

Then, there is an About section with a team photo and a piece of content, along with a CTA button, several reviews of satisfied customers, a photo gallery, service areas, and a Google Map with NAP and reviews in the footer.

Our goal while creating this website was to clearly present all the information the company wanted to give, to show credibility, and to generate trust among website visitors.

Martin Exteriors

The first thing a visitor to this website notices is the educational roofing video, which is, in fact, the background for the header.

A video summarizes all the company’s roofing services, and in the middle of a video, one can see a CTA button that offers a free quote.

Above the video, there is a horizontal menu that presents services, service areas, a contact page, a photo gallery, and storm damage repair specialization. On the left upper side of the website’s header are social media buttons and a phone number for customer support or sales information.

On the homepage, we have also presented testimonials, a photo gallery slider, a CTA button for scheduling free consultations and roof estimates, and there are client’s credentials and certifications, as well.

The website’s footer has an About section, a vertical services menu, and the latest post section, where one can see the most recent blog posts that present helpful roofing tips. We have also placed one more credential, the best roofing contractor award from 2021.

Our goal was to create a compelling website that would bring new leads and help our client’s roofing business.

White Roofing Systems

White Roofing Systems is a website of a database of Conklin commercial roofing contractors throughout the whole States.

Because of that, what visitors first see on this website is a map of the US that indicates every state. So the visitor just has to click on a required state to access the database of commercial contractors in that area.

Something else that catches visitors’ eye is a contact form for free consultations.

There are also social media buttons, and in the upper right corner of the website header, there is a horizontal menu that leads to pages about commercial roofing, a photo gallery, a blog, and a contact page.

Since the website is a database of Conklin roofing systems, there is a lot of information about that product and where it can be used.

We have also put a photo gallery of finished roofing projects, and in the website’s footer, there is another contact form for free consultations.

As for the overall design, we have decided on a clean, user-friendly look and a combination of white, blue, and red colors.

South Shore Roofing

Soothing cyan and white dominate this website, relaxing the visitor and inviting him to spend as much time as possible examining these warm, pleasant colors.

With the video playing in the background, the header of this website contains the client’s credentials and a contact form for a free inspection. At the same time, there is a horizontal menu with drop-down functions that present residential roofing services, reviews, a photo gallery, a contact page, and other important pages of this professional roofing website.

In the upper left corner of a header, we have presented financing options, while in the upper right corner, there is a phone number for scheduling a free roofing estimate.

Besides content about roofing services and financing, on this website’s homepage, there are many reviews and recommendations from satisfied customers, and there is an About us section that the owner of South Shore Roofing wrote.

We didn’t forget to put a section about roofing services as well, while in the footer of the homepage, there are the client’s NAP, payment methods, and a vertical menu which is the same as the main one. Finally, in the right corner of the footer, we have put social media buttons that lead to the company’s social media profiles.

As you can see, the structure of this website is designed to present all the client’s services clearly and to call for action, plus to show all the client’s competence and expertise.

The Roof Mentors

A horizontal menu with a drop-down option, clearly visible phone number, address, email, and social media button, is the first visible section of this website header.

Plus, we have placed a short video of finished roofing projects with CTA in the form of a phone number and an address at the end of the video.

If you scroll through the homepage, you will see what kind of services our client offers and what credentials he has.

Of course, we didn’t forget to present the About us section, reviews, and testimonials. Plus, we have also created a drop-down Q and A section with a lot of helpful information about roofing.

At the end of the homepage, we have placed a Google Map that contains a number of reviews on the GMB listing and overall review rating. In the footer, one can find a vertical menu regarding roofing services, another CTA, business hours, and the client’s NAP and email.

This website’s structure also states well-presented information, in-depth explanations of roofing services, a decent number of reviews and testimonials, and clear call-to-action buttons.

Why Should You Hire Profit Roofing System?

If you would like to have a professional roofing website, we are your perfect choice, and here is why.

First of all, we are specialized in the roofing business.

Secondly, we are not just a web development/design company. Web development and web design are only one segment of our services since we are a full-service digital agency with more than five years of experience in the roofing niche.

Our marketing and SEO experience guarantees that your website will be SEO friendly and follow all SEO standards, such as page loading speed, completed meta title data, properly distributed H tags, SEO-friendly content, etc.

Knowing SEO is imperative nowadays since many web development companies don’t have SEO knowledge, which is reflected in the very design of the client’s website because it isn’t created according to SEO standards. This, in turn, leads to other difficulties, and, very often, it happens that such pages are not represented in the SERP at all.

On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about that with us. On the contrary, we may offer all kinds of marketing services that will boost your visibility through the Internet and bring you high-quality leads and results. For example, our MADMAT is a carefully designed lead generation system for roofers that have helped many of our clients to become first-picked roofer in their city or state.

So, if you would like to have a professional roofing website that is SEO friendly, don’t hesitate to call us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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