How Facebook Video Ads Grew Chappelle Roofing 123k+ Views

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Chappelle Roofing LLC

The Power of a Facebook Carpet Bombing Campaign

Chappelle Roofing

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Chappelle Roofing LLC

Chappelle Roofing is a family-owned roofing company that has been operating in Florida and Ohio for over 10 years. Its founder, Blake Chappelle, started doing this business when he was only 15 years old, and founded Chappelle Roofing in 2012. With over 10 years of experience, Chappelle Roofing has grown exponentially–and today has hundreds of successfully completed projects backing it.

Part of that growth is the result of the multi-year cooperation with Profit Roofing Systems.


Florida and Ohio are known for their stormy weather, which is why a huge number of roofing companies operate in both states. Given how saturated both locations are in terms of competition, our challenge was to highlight Chappelle Roofing as the go-to specialist for all types of roofing services for both Floridians and Ohioans.

Our goal was to present our client as the foremost expert in all types of roofing services that the average property owner needs, from roof inspections, repairs, and replacements, to helping with the insurance process and filling out paperwork. We wanted to emphasize the lengthy and often complicated process of obtaining financial assistance from insurance companies when it comes to repairing or replacing a roof.

Another goal of ours was to gather a high-quality audience that we could later target in lead campaigns.

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The Solution

We started our advertising strategy by setting up so-called “Facebook Carpet Bombing” campaigns. The term “carpet bombing” refers to a campaign whose goal is to reach as many users as possible in a specific location using Facebook ads. In our case, the first location we chose was the state of Ohio. The goal of this campaign was to target as many users as possible (for example, while they were watching videos) in Ohio, and then we target them with greater precision according to their degree of interest (for example, targeting them according to what percentage of the video they watched–if they watched 50% of it, 75%, etc.).

The goal of our campaign was to show our client’s video to as many users as possible.

In addition to that, we also started a brand awareness and engagement campaign. The aim was to get as many people as possible to remember our ads. This helped us get some real quality social proof on our ads, thus encouraging greater reach and increase in the total number of views.

Here’s what we targeted: the state of Ohio and an audience in the age range of 30 to 65+ years, with no additional interests. With such a broad target, we were able to cover a larger audience while highlighting the “pain points” of potential clients who are struggling with the roof insurance process.

This proved successful; the campaign has been active for the past 2 months and continuously collects new data to this day.

The Results and Our Conclusion

The combination of the above-mentioned campaigns brought the following results. Our video ad was viewed a total of 123,195 times. “Ad Recall”–i.e., the Facebook algorithm’s assessment of how many users will remember seeing the ad within two days of its display–showed that 850 users remembered the displayed ad.

8,326 users interacted with the video, and our total reach was 66,053, while the video itself was shown a total of 249,054 times.

Analytcs - Case Study
Analytcs - Case Study
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Analytcs - Case Study

Given that most users today watch only the first 3-5 seconds of a video, we find it quite impressive that our ad was viewed 35,569 times in its entire duration!

In the end, these results gave us an excellent basis for retargeting the same audience about the roof insurance process. It’s also become a high-quality source of potential leads.

Additionally, we gained insight into the habits and interests of an audience similar to the target audience that watched the video. This insight will allow us to create a lookalike audience from the aforementioned campaign in the future.

We believe our carpet bombing campaign proved the staying power of using video on social media. If you’re not using video ads, or videos on your social platforms in general, it’s high time you got started!

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