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Maximizing ROAS

Maximizing ROAS ​Through Integrated Lead Tracking, Attribution, and Automation

About Us

Many books have been written about creating a successful business. It’s all about finding a niche that needs to be filled—and filling it.

Profit Roofing Systems is one such business. Founded by Matt Jacob over 7+ years ago, our digital marketing agency was born in order to serve a growing need for comprehensive digital marketing services in the roofing industry.

There are thousands of digital marketing agencies out there, sure; but plenty of them are unfamiliar with the roofing landscape, and even less familiar still with communicating with roofers themselves.

The role of being the highest rated, highest quality roofing marketing agency thus fell on our shoulders—and we take absolute pride in getting our clients to maximum success and complete domination of their roofing business!

The Challenge

In order to be the best help we can be to our clients, we had to come up with a way to track all of their leads and conversions in one place, even if we used several different tracking tools.

We also wanted a way to connect our client’s personal CRM systems to these aforementioned tools, all in the name of unlocking invaluable insights into lead values! Having a comprehensive solution for all of this would have helped streamline our processes and help us see any positive or negative trends within our metrics, so we set to work.

We were on the hunt for a solution that could implement the following:

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The Solution

New tools and platforms are being developed almost every day, so it was only a matter of time before we stumbled upon what would tick all our boxes.

Much like Cinderella and her glass slipper, we finally found the right fit!

The solution we found helped us build the above 3 cornerstones we were specifically gunning for and then some.

Here are just a few things we gained from our newfound solution:

The Results

With all this at our fingertips, how could our metrics not skyrocket? After a:

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… we earned a 12.4X ROAS (up from 6.9X) in just 3 months after implementing our solution. We also now have a Smart Bidding strategy in place, essentially letting the algorithm bid on high-quality, valuable keywords for us on Google ad campaigns.

Implementing this solution really allowed us to go the extra mile for our clients, truly providing them with the all-encompassing marketing service Profit Roofing Systems is known for.

We’ll never stop searching for fresh, innovative solutions in our clients’ quests for total market domination!

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