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Case Study

Multichannel PPC Strategy for Roofing Company

– Navigating Seasonal Fluctuations –

Before we start, let’s meet our protagonist. Pro Restoration LLC is a local, family-owned roofing company operating in Rockford, IL, and surrounding areas.

They are experts in the restoration and repair of roofs – particularly after nasty storms! – and have years of experience providing various roofing services to residential properties. The owner, Brandon McNames, founded the company with the mission of providing highly professional and quality services, along with creating long-term relationships with his customers.

Keep reading to find out how we solved his seasonal fluctuation problems with our carefully designed multichannel PPC strategy.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge Pro Restoration LLC faced was how to maintain a continuous flow of potential clients during the winter season when demand for the services they offered was generally low during that period.

In addition, our agency had to consider how to maintain good, long-term relations with our roofers, and how to create the best possible recognition of their brand. The goal was to establish as many quality leads as possible during the season so that we could bridge the gap during the rest of the season and maintain brand awareness.

We achieved this goal with a well-developed multichannel PPC strategy.

Singing Our Praises for the Multichannel PPC Strategy

During the warmer months, when storm season is the peak season for our roofers – and when most people are looking for roofing services – our agency’s focus was on collecting leads through Google and Facebook advertising.

With this approach, we were able to monitor the situation, were ready for any challenges thrown our way, and could quickly react to new circumstances with a well-designed strategy.

Once the season quietened down, the focus was then on creating and maintaining strong brand awareness and engagement during the winter months, which consequently contributed to the creation of a long-term relationship with Pro Restoration, along with his potential user base.

Facebook Ads

Throughout the year, we built brand awareness through “Traffic” and “Engagement” campaigns for Facebook. By combining these campaigns, we provided end users with greater social proof of the brand in posts that clearly communicated what the client did and emphasized his expertise.

he biggest proof of the campaign’s success was the fact that the client himself confirmed potential users recognized his logo offline because they saw it on online Facebook campaigns.


In addition to “Traffic” and “Engagement,” we used “Lead” campaigns, too, which targeted a lookalike audience modeled on current users throughout the year. This proved to be quite efficient, as we communicated the quality of our client’s services and his reaction speed to unforeseen circumstances. In this way, we encouraged and let potential customers know that Pro Restoration LLC is there for them at all times.

When a storm occurred, i.e. a hurricane, we used broader location targeting in our ads. The assumption was that the majority of users in the wider area of the affected location needed immediate damage recovery and roof repairs after a storm.

Facebook Results

For all of our lead campaigns on Facebook, we used Facebook forms for instant registration through which potential clients can request to be contacted back.

Here are the results:

The most successful engagement campaign in the past year brought in CPR in the amount of $0.48.

And get this; the best brand awareness campaign resulted in over 300,000 impressions!

Google Ads

In addition to Facebook, here’s an overview of activities that resulted in great Google advertising metrics for Pro Restoration LLC.

Landing Page Optimization

Google ads are ranked by their Quality Score. One of the factors to consider in this Quality Score is the landing page and how relevant it is to the ad. In order for the landing page to be as relevant as possible for the area we were targeting and to match the needs and preferences of our target audience, we optimized it in the following ways:

  • The content was adapted to a certain location by highlighting the targeted area in the title and the rest of the page.
  • Using “Localized Messaging” we secured greater credibility.
  • We clearly and visibly communicated CTAs, such as booking a free roof inspection, receiving a quick response and service, and more.
  • We used visuals that showed the targeted area.
  • We optimized the pages for mobile devices for a flawless user experience and increased engagement.
All of this drove higher conversion rates and maximized ROI from Google Ads campaigns, ultimately contributing to our client’s sustainable growth and success.

Local Targeting

In order to get the most out of Google’s advertising during times of increased demand, we recognized how important local targeting was. We optimized campaigns to focus on specific areas affected by storms, ensuring that the services our client was advertising reached potential customers in the immediate vicinity of the storm.

Keyword Selection

Detailed keyword research was done to identify keywords that were relevant to our client’s services, along with keywords that the target audience themselves were searching for.

By focusing on these keywords, we were able to reduce CPC (cost per click) while generating high-quality leads. We strategically incorporated these keywords into the ad descriptions to ensure that they were shown to users who were actively looking for roof repair, thus increasing the relevance and CTR (click-through rate) of the ad.

Adjusting Ad Copies

  • We communicated target locations in the titles and descriptions of our ads.
  • We emphasized the client’s expertise and reaction speed, as well as his specialization in roof repairs and replacements after a storm.
  • The ads communicated a huge benefit: free, no-hassle roof inspections.
  • Each ad ended with a clear and compelling call to action (CTA) that encouraged users to take a desired action (i.e. scheduling a free inspection or calling for more information).

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In Conclusion: Helping Our Client to Thrive

Every industry has its own challenges when it comes to a successful digital business, and roofing is certainly no exception. In fact, many marketing agencies get burned by clients such as roofers. The biggest challenge agencies face is that roofing services are usually seasonal, which means they do not have a continuous flow of (new) clients for a good part of the year.

However, just like how our roofer clients don’t rest during the winter months, neither do we; these off-season periods serve to create and nurture long-term collaborations and build brand awareness.

In short, our agency enabled our client to successfully overcome periods of low demand.

We helped him with his reaction times, enabling him to quickly jump into action ASAP with his services during the on-peak, stormy season. By maintaining a strong brand presence during the off-season and effectively targeting quality leads during peak storm season, our client, Pro Restoration LLC, achieved sustainable business growth.

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