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AC Matthews Case Study

– Small Area, Big Competition –

In the fast-paced world of marketing, we’re no strangers to a dynamic environment. We face new challenges every day, adapting to our clients’ differences, industries, and budgets. In this vortex of change, every collaboration becomes a unique opportunity for innovation, learning, and adaptation.

We had just such a scenario with our client AC Matthews. This small roofing company asked us for our efficient cost management services for an increase in the number of potential clients. Find out below how we overcame this challenge.

About The Client

AC Matthews, Roofing & Exteriors is a small roofing company whose two co-owners, in addition to the company, also share the same name, Matthew. The company operates in the Towson and Ellicott City areas and provides a variety of exterior repair and restoration services. From the replacement and repairs of the roof, front doors, and windows to the installation of solar panels–all done with as little stress and trouble as possible for the homeowners. They approach every project as if it were their own home and are ready to answer every “how and why” with knowledge, understanding, and patience.

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The Challenge

Instead of old-fashioned door-to-door knocking, AC Matthews turned to us to achieve continuous lead generation through Google Ads. The challenge we faced was the imbalance of a high cost-per-click (CPC) and a small monthly budget.

The continuous growth of click prices facilitates the cause of a high CPC, along with the specific location of the client. AC Matthews’ small area of activity is saturated with competitors, with an insufficient search volume for keywords related to roofing services.

Although we could normally expect 4-5 good leads per month with the budget we were given, the problem was an extremely low conversion rate. Our initial setup was a standard localized approach targeting several major cities/locations with localized landing pages.

The results before testing the new campaign structure (September 2023):

The Solution

An important step towards finding a solution was continuous and open communication with our client. We had to know what they were specifically looking for regarding metrics in order to find the freedom we needed for testing.

Our first wave of data indicated that our ads were ranking well, with a good CTR (ratio of the number of clicks on the ad compared to the number of views on the ad’s landing page) and a high impression share (the share of ad displays in relation to the possible number of searches for selected keywords). But it was precisely this high proportion of shared impressions that made it even more difficult for us to obtain leads, as it directly affected the higher price-per-click.

Given that all individual locations had a relatively high impression share and at the same time a small number of impressions, we decided to test a different approach and a different campaign structure in order to “virtually” increase the search volume of certain keywords. When we no longer have budgets that can match the big players, we decided to change the strategy a little to our advantage. Thus, we allowed ourselves to “play” with different levels of impression shares, in order to lower the CPC on keywords that had a higher level of user intent. Ultimately, this resulted in an increase in the conversion rate and a greater number of leads for our client.

For our client’s ads, we emphasized free roof inspections and a non-binding offer, thereby attracting people’s attention. It was important to communicate additional/free value for potential clients in order to achieve a good CTR, even for ads that were positioned lower.

Here are the results at the very beginning of testing the new campaign structure (October 2023):

The final result is an increase in impressions by keywords and an optimal relationship between impression share and CTR. This brought us a sufficient number of users with an equal or lower CPC on the most important keywords, and a large increase in the conversion rate metric. In this way, with a high conversion rate, we managed to achieve the target number of leads within the budget that the client allocated us.

Here are the results in November 2023:


While small budgets can make it challenging to earn great results, they can also bring about new ways to think – and a higher sense of fulfillment when we do manage to achieve the results we set out to get!

In the case of AC Matthews, the campaign’s restructuring, location targeting, and unconventional approach brought us positive results and – ultimately – a happy client.

It’s important to have an open and honest communication channel with your client; allow yourself to set realistic goals and room for adjustments when you first start working with each other.

Regardless of the experience and knowledge you possess, each project has its own specifics that you need to recognize and adapt to–to your own and the client’s satisfaction!

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