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Performance Max: Turning Strategies into Success

It’s no secret that Google constantly changes the types and characteristics of its ad campaigns, requiring digital marketing agencies all over the world to adopt new strategies on the fly. Plenty of marketers can find this daunting and stressful.

However, changes like this are what drive and motivate us at Profit Roofing Systems. As an experienced digital marketing agency with over 7+ years in the field, Profit Roofing Systems enjoys the challenges introduced by these new tools and techniques. Our clients come from the most competitive industries and markets in the world, so standing out among numerous competitors is extremely important.

Google’s unpredictable environment, increasingly strong competition, and a limited budget present significant challenges in creating successful campaigns for said clients.

Still, whoever our clients are, we’re not afraid to utilize strategic ingenuity and precision in campaign optimization in order to make the most of every euro spent. Keep reading to find out how we tackled some of Google’s most challenging updates!

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To address the aforementioned challenges, we turned to Google’s Performance Max campaigns. This campaign type uses advanced machine learning (aka Google AI) to optimize performance across all of Google’s platforms.

Performance Max integrates various ad formats and audience targeting options. This is what sets it apart from the rest and makes it a versatile tool that can be adapted to each of our clients’ unique needs.

E-commerce Clients

For our e-commerce clients, the main goal was to increase the number of purchases and maximize return on ad spend (ROAS).

To achieve this, we focused on creating visually attractive ads highlighting their products’ key benefits.

We created visuals that showcased these products in their best light, as well as filmed promotional videos that grabbed viewers’ attention and encouraged them to take action. Our ad copy encouraged users to make a purchase. Here, we put special emphasis on special offers, discounts, and unique product features.

We worked out all the kinks in detail in order to target our audience demographic as precisely as possible. For this, we used demographic data, interests, and user behavior to identify potential customers who would most likely be interested in our clients’ products.

And the results of our Performance Max campaigns were outstanding!

Check this out! We achieved 155 sales in just one month, with a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 9.26. This means that for every euro spent, an income of €9.26 was generated. These results significantly increased our client’s revenue and improved their market position, giving them a leg up over their competition.

Clients Offering Services

For clients offering services, the goal was to generate as many quality leads as possible.

This required coming up with specific strategies tailored to each service in order to increase the likelihood of conversion. We created informative videos that explained our clients’ services in detail and highlighted their advantages and unique features. Our ad texts focused on calls to action (CTA) that encouraged users to contact our clients for additional information or to book an appointment with them.

We used behavioral, interest, and demographic data to identify people most likely to look for these specific services.

Thanks to Performance Max, we generated 133 leads in just two months, with a cost per acquisition (CPA) of €7.17 per lead. These results significantly increased the client’s customer base and improved the quality of potential customers, encouraging further business growth.

Performance Max Helped Us — Now It’s Time We Help You

The success of our Performance Max campaigns once again emphasizes the importance of quick and effective adaptation in digital marketing. Despite limited budgets and strong competitors, our strategic approach and willingness to adapt led to great results for our clients. Digital marketing is an industry that requires a willingness to learn and improve at the turn of a dime, after all.

Profit Roofing Systems is always ready to take on any challenge and deliver the best possible result. If you want to stand side by side with the best, contact us and book your first call today. Let’s dominate together!

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