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How We Brought Over 200 Leads in One Month for Our Long-Term Client

Google Ads and Local Service Ads marketing campaigns for a roofing company





The Roof Mentors

The Roof Mentors is a Fayetteville, North Carolina-based roofing company that strongly emphasizes giving home and business owners a seamless and superior roofing experience. They provide high-quality and reasonably priced roofing services, including repairs, insurance roofing claims, and replacement of residential and commercial roofs. They are passionate about what they do, and their main goal is to deliver top-notch roofing services to their many customers who live not only in Fayetteville but also in Winston-Salem, Hope Mills, Raeford, Dunn, and the surroundings.

What We Did

To accomplish the goals that we mentioned at the beginning of this case study, various campaign set-ups were used, and constant optimization was done on the ads. Besides Google Ads, the Local Services Ads were also used, through which we targeted two cities, Fayetteville and Winston-Salem.

Furthermore, we used our knowledge of sales psychology and approach to potential clients and crystallized sales approaches depending on the gender, age, and personality of potential leads.

We also created a review funnel for the Local Service Ads campaign so that the client would regularly receive reviews and thus strengthen its relevance and credibility.

The first step in our marketing strategy was to set up the Google Ads campaigns and Local Services Ads (LSA). This included researching keywords and making ad groups based on the researched keywords.

The structure of the account was prepared to the smallest detail. It consisted of a number of ad groups, where each ad group covered one topic and had highly relevant keywords placed inside.

The campaigns were then launched, and performance was closely monitored to identify areas needing modification.

Next, a variety of tests were conducted on accounts to decide what strategies were working best. This included testing various ad copies, targeting options, and bid strategies. Based on the results, the campaigns were optimized to improve performance.

Also, during our research, we concluded that our target group is mainly interested in metal roofing; therefore, a separate ad group was created with keywords related to metal roofing, personalized ads, and a dedicated landing page. (FYI, on average, 15% of all searches in the search campaign refer to metal roofing.)

Throughout the entire process, the campaigns were constantly monitored and tweaked to ensure that they were reaching the desired audience and generating the most leads possible.

Last but not least, since we were carefully monitoring the weather forecast, we knew that the hurricane was coming and that it could hit parts of the Fayetteville area, so we decided to prepare campaigns and target residents of those areas, as well.

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As a result of our effort and marketing knowledge, our client generated 226 leads in one month, which led to increased business and revenue growth.

To be precise, we achieved 100 leads through Google Ads, while through LSA (Local Services Ads), we gained 126 leads, of which 58 were for Winston-Salem and 68 for Fayetteville.

Also, we increased the Conversion rate to 22% and exceeded the standard 15% benchmark.

Furthermore, in comparison to the month before, and due to our campaign’s set-up and the position of our ads on the search engine, we increased the number of leads (conversions) by 104 %, the number of clicks increased by 247 %, and impressions increased by 37 %.

As far as Local Services Ads (LSA) are concerned, our ads are, on average, in the first three positions, which ensures their constant visibility and brings leads even while we are writing this case study.

Can we conclude our strategy was successful?

We definitely can!

Combining Google Ads and Local Services Ads truly was a perfect match for this client.

Continuous optimization and testing, together with our know-how, brought this client over 200 leads in just one month and made sure both parties were happy and satisfied with our results.

We can definitely say we are dominating the client’s market, and our plan is to stay that way.

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