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How Our MADMAT System Brought (and Keeps Bringing) Amazing Results for One of Our Long-Term Clients




As you probably already know (or will find out soon enough 😊) MADMAT is a completely hands-off lead generation system where you get the complete package of digital marketing services, 100% adapted and individualized to your specific market, area, and needs.

In this case study, we will show you how this beast of a lead generation machine was used and is still being used to generate consistent and predictable flow of leads, providing long-term sustainability for the client’s roofing company and making him the #1 roofer in his local area (or in this case in the several areas/cities where he operates) by ranking him #1 on Google and increasing his overall visibility in search engines.

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What We Did

For this specific client, we used the complete MADMAT system, which includes Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and SEO. With this combination of platforms and digital marketing channels, we were able to provide our client with solid and consistent results turning his roofing business into a sustainable and profitable one.

The client has as much as 18 locations (!) and wanted results for all of them, i.e. wanted to rank for every city. So we gave him results and we ranked him.

Market Research

Beginning with thorough research of the client’s areas and the competition, we came to a conclusion that all of the three previously-mentioned marketing channels will be needed in order to achieve the results that the client wants.

The thing is that when we talk about lead generation in general, you simply need to cover all your bases if you want to achieve your goals. And for the success to be sustainable and long-term, you need a system in place, a specific strategy, and an expert behind you. We say this from experience, from years of doing marketing for roofers.

Predictability, consistency, sustainability – those are the keywords here. That is what you need for success, for scalability, for long-term, steady profit.

Now, let’s get back to what you really want to know. What we did and how.

Google Ads & Facebook Ads

When it comes to Facebook and Google Ads, we used our proven MADMAT Ads funnels, whether it was financing, hail, retail, etc. We used the ones that were relevant at specific moments in order to generate leads and increase conversion rates.

Apart from that, we created custom landing pages for every city, which is crucial in every ad campaign. Without a designated and specific landing page, you don’t even have to start the campaign because there will be no real results.

Through constant testing and tracking, we were able to achieve killer results in all areas in the form of a significantly increased number of leads and an above-average conversion rate.

Attract More Traffic & Experience Real Growth With Our Roofer SEO Agency.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

At the same time, our SEO team was on top of the web optimization process for the client’s locations, producing equally enviable results. SEO is quite different from other digital marketing channels, as it involves many different processes and, most importantly, time.

Search Engine Optimization is a process that doesn’t get you instant results, but they come over time. On the other hand, once achieved, these results are extremely valuable and long-term. They bring you long-term success, sustainability, and ROI.

In this specific case, our clients had 18 locations that he wanted to optimize and rank for on Google, so we dedicated time and resources for each location specifically. Some cities were given the same SEO package, while others, where the competition was stronger, were allotted much more time and resources.

For each location, we did on-page and off-page optimization. On-page includes creating responsive and mobile-friendly web pages, creating SEO-friendly content, optimizing all the meta data on the page, setting H tags, optimizing images, ALT tags, increasing website speed, optimizing website architecture through interlinking etc. Off-page includes building online trust and authority through link building, content promotion, and social networking.

With this client, the focus was local, i.e. on building local trust and authority for each city. Precisely because of that, we employed a different strategy for each location, all based on thorough keyword research. For each location, we focus on what users search for and optimize for those specific keywords.

The thing is that even though the client’s locations are all geographically close, they are all different and specific markets. Just as we would use different strategies for different states, for example, we also use them for different cities (whether it is for the same client or for different ones).

Along with the complete on and off-page optimization, for this client, we also worked on local recognition. This was done by organizing local events, such as “Open Door Days,” as well as conducting local interviews, where we talked to non-profit organizations and promoted their goals on the client’s website in order to become more involved in the local community and achieve a higher purpose.

It is important to emphasize here that SEO is a process that changes and upgrades over time and it is essential to keep up with all the new stuff. And with this long-term client, that is exactly what we needed to do.

As SEO developed over time, so did our priorities, strategies, and work methods for this client, always backed by tangible results. This goes to show that adaptability is a must if you want to be successful. Change is not something that digital marketers should fear but something they should embrace. The biggest mistake is to ignore them because this will inevitably lead to failure.

We always keep up with the times and with all the changes in the SEO industry and we are always up-to-date. With each new change and update, we conduct our own internal testings and then apply it to the client. This is what brought and keeps bringing this client results, leads, and profit.

Do we have anything concrete to show you for all this talk, you ask? Of course we do.

Everything that we talked about above has resulted in a steady and reliable flow of leads, amazing visibility across search engines, and incredible rankings on the first page of Google for our client.

What this means is that our MADMAT system has brought amazing ROI for our client, significantly scaled his roofing company, and created great lead sustainability where he doesn’t have to worry about chasing after leads ever again.

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