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SEO Always Pays Off: How We Achieved Record Profits for Our Client Through SEO in 2023

About the Client

This client is a reputable company that deals with roofing services in the state of New Jersey, and has been successfully cooperating with our agency in the field of SEO optimization for many years. In 2023, with additional investments and heightening our SEO strategy, we achieved a significant increase in profit for them.

Our collaboration began with the goal of improving their online presence and business results. Over the years of our cooperation, we have successfully implemented various SEO tactics, which have resulted in stable growth and the strengthening of their online position. Read below on how we achieved this growth for our client during 2023!

The Challenge

Despite getting good results so far, we always go the extra mile for our clients, and every achieved goal is motivation for us to raise the bar. So, during 2023, we decided to further strengthen our SEO efforts. We focused on advanced keyword analysis, local SEO optimization (specifically tailored to the New Jersey market), and improving user experience on our client’s website. One of the challenges was increasing the quality of backlinks.

The Solution

You may not be aware, but the roofing industry is one of the most challenging industries to rank in for many marketing agencies. However, our team at Profit Roofing Systems has achieved the following results using years of specialization, experience, and education.

Increasing Profits

Through constant SEO optimization and the great effort of our SEO experts, we managed to increase the client’s profitability. While in 2022 their income amounted to $794,836, in 2023, a well-developed SEO strategy resulted in an increase in income that totaled $837,240.

Increasing Quality Leads

Leads are a key metric for the roofing industry, and getting high-quality leads is the dream of every agency and client. Our SEO optimization directly brought as many as 37% of quality leads, which shows the role SEO plays in attracting the target audience.

Improved Visibility on SERP and Google Maps

Last but not least, our SEO optimization led to a better position on the SERP and improved visibility on Google Maps. This result brought about greater visibility and recognition of our client in the local New Jersey community.

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Intensifying the SEO strategy for our client proved the importance of constant improvement, adaptation, and investment in a long-term SEO strategy. The success we have achieved is not only the result of our efforts but also of long-term cooperation that has enabled us to deeply understand the needs of our client and their market. SEO requires patience and time, and you can’t expect results overnight. In the long term, quality and strategically-planned SEO always pays off.

If you want to see the profitability of SEO for yourself, contact Profit Roofing Systems, a leading digital marketing agency for roofers nationwide. With our expertise and guidance, we’ll help you easily reach your goals. Let’s dominate together!

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