100% Hands-Off, Done-for-You System for Roofing Contractors Who Want to Double Their Revenue in the Next 12 Months

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I bet this sounds very familiar as well:

  • You’ve tried HomeAdvisor, which just resulted in duplicate, low-quality & expensive roofing leads.
  • You’ve tried buying telemarketing leads, which only lead to another bust – you would show up and nobody would be home.
  • You’ve paid some serious $$$ to marketing agencies that promised they will own the internet for you, which just ended up in 6 months of pain and no results.

… and every flop has left you more disappointed and your business in a worse state than before.

I talk to roofers on a DAILY basis and almost all of them have experienced exactly the same problems.

But all those problems stop here!

We know your struggle when it comes to generating leads so we’ve decided to make it easier for you. We have just the right solution for you that will help you scale your business beyond $5M – $7M mark.



(Marketing Domination Matrix)

100% Hands-Off, Done for You System for Roofing Contractors Who Want to Double Their Revenue in the Next 12 Months.

You can push your business forward with our dead simple program – a predictable lead generation machine that will have your phone ringing EVERY DAY. Your company will grow like never before and you will finally be able to stop chasing your next client.

Here’s How MADMAT Will Benefit You:

We’ll do everything for you – from website development and roofing lead generation to complete local market domination. The best part about it is that you only need to tell us how many leads you can handle in the next 3-6 months and WE GUARANTEE WE’LL MAKE THAT HAPPEN. You won’t need to worry about a thing (maybe just answering your phone when customers start calling :D).

How do you define a lead? Are your leads qualified? How many other roofers get the same lead?

I don’t want REPAIR LEADS!

We are not Homeadvisor! 😀

We only work with ONE roofer per area and we only target full replacement leads! We DO NOT actively target repairs leads (nobody has time for that).

We don’t just generate leads, we help you close them.

As a business owner, it is important for you to know all the numbers and statistics – your best clients, best programs, what works and what doesn’t. We bring in all the leads AND automate all the follow up conversations immediately. It takes stress off your business in doing the initial conversations so you can focus ONLY on the good ones. Every lead that we generate is hit with a text and an email sequence to help you close it on a higher level.

How many leads will I close? What is my ROI on MADMAT?

We have been generating roofing leads successfully since 2014. We already know what works and what doesn’t.

Depending on the market, the ROI is:

20 to 40% in retail markets
30 – 60% in insurance markets

On average, our clients get 10X ROI in the first 6 months.

Will I have to wait until leads start coming in?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. No more waiting for the next storm to hit. No more waiting for the shady SEO gurus to deliver their empty promises – they will rank your website on Google if you give them JUST ONE MORE MONTH. NO MORE!

We start generating leads in month 1. As times goes by, we become more and more efficient – we increase lead quality and volume. And,  we don’t stop until we completely dominate your city.

STILL Not Convinced?

Let the roofers speak for themselves. With our lead generation tactics, we’ve helped a number of roofers by securing them a steady stream of quality roofing leads. Here is what they have to say:

IMPORTANT: You don’t pay us for our services, you only pay for RESULTS!

Just one more thing…

MADMAT is an exclusive program and we work with only one roofer per area. That area can be a city (or cities) and it can be an entire state if the roofer is a bigger one and covers the entire state.

Why only one roofer? Because MADMAT is a program for complete market domination – and only one roofer can dominate it.

In other words, we cannot dominate the same market for multiple roofers because that would be a conflict of interest.

We Are Only Looking For 12 Roofers To Join MADMAT in 2019

Since this is an exclusive program and we only work with one roofer per area, the number of seats in our program is limited. It works on a first come first served principle.

However, in order to realize our partnership, there are also certain criteria that the roofer who wants to apply needs to meet:


Your company has been in the roofing business for more than a year


Your yearly revenue doesn’t go under $1,000,000


Your annual marketing budget is at least $50,000

If you meet all of the above criteria, you are eligible to apply for our MADMAT program. You can click on the CHECK AVAILABLE SEATS button below and see if there are any seats available in your city/state.


How does your guarantee work?

You pick the package you want. If we don’t generate the set minimum amount of leads, we’ll work free of charge until you get the leads you paid for.

Are my leads exclusive or you share leads?

Leads are completely exclusive! We only work with one roofer per area.

Do you work with multiple roofers in the same city?

Absolutely not! We offer full market domination and we can’t dominate your entire city if we have multiple roofers in the same city.

How do I pay for your services?

We send all our invoices through PayPal.

Do you have any case studies or testimonials?

A ton D. Just check out these pages: 

Case Studies

Is the ad spend for Facebook and Google included in your price?

Everything is included. It’s a 100% hands-off system.

Do you provide reports/track leads?

We track everything and we are 100% transparent with what we do. Every 30 days, you’ll receive an in-depth report on how many leads we’ve generated, what we did, what the rankings are, etc.

How are you different than any other agency?
  • We work with only 1 client per area.
  • We only do roofing and we’ve successfully done more than 50 Adwords, SEO, and Facebook campaigns.
  • We have a working template and a proven system that works. All that’s left is to implement that into your web and your business.
  • We don’t outsource anything.
  • We have the best reporting system and offer full transparency when it comes to leads.
  • We track everything.
  • We answer all inquiries and questions and resolve all issues within 24 hours.
If I want to change anything on the website do you charge extra?

Never! It is all included in the program fee. No hidden charges.

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