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Why Every Roofing Company Needs SEO?

I’m sure you get phone calls from people promising they will own Google for you EVERY DAY. You probably invested in SEO more than once but so far you haven’t reaped the benefits.

By now you might think SEO and Google is a big HOAX. It’s definitely not!
When was the last time you wanted to buy something or need a service guy? What did you do? You probably picked up your phone and went straight to Google to run a search. That’s what everybody is doing. Most importantly it’s only going to become more important in the upcoming years.

The Biggest issue with SEO is that it’s a low barrier entry service and everybody thinks they can rank a website on Google. The truth is its hard and it will only be harder.

Google changes its algorithm 500 times a year. What worked the last year, isn’t working anymore.
Most of the companies offering SEO services (or any other type of digital marketing services) are pure scammers. It’s not like they don’t try, They do, but they are lacking experience, skill set and a quality team that can adjust every time Google Changes the game. That’s why Profit Roofing Systems always adapts to any new Google update.


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Get More Traffic to Your Site


Strengthen Your Brand for More Consumer Trust


Stop Buying Roofing Leads from Big Name Brokers


Get a PROVEN System that will turn your brand into a Non-Stop Lead Generating Machine.

Google Penalty Issues

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Keywords Ranked

What is SEO for Roofers?
Ranking on the First page of Google for keywords like „roofing contractor city“ and „roofing company city“ will get your phone to ring more often. WHY?

Because there are at least a 1000 people looking for a roofer a month in every decent sized city in the country. The problem is, ranking on the top isn’t easy, and it will take time.

The only problem with SEO is that SEO as a service is filled with people that read a few articles or watched a course on SEO and they call them self SEO ninjas and they are the once that spam your email inbox and mobile phone with calls

I've been investing in SEO for the last 12 months with my current company and I got zero leads, WHY?
If you are trying to rank in a huge city and you started with a brand new website that could be normal. Google doesn’t trust new domains/websites and it takes a lot of time and offort to get on the good side with Google. On the other side, if you aren’t even close to page one, your rankkngs are flat and you are stuck below page three, you need to fire your agency.

In the 12 months span Google on average changes the algorith 500 times, if you don’t have an experienced agency managing your website, you’ll get stuck. SEO best practies that were applicable at the beggingn of your SEO jurney arent applicable 12 months down the line (not just that, sometimes it can really hurt your website if you get hit by a penatly). In most cases agencies don’t adapt and they are stuck

How Does Google Decide Which Roofer to Show on Page One or at the Top?
It depends on over 200 ranking factors that Google uses to evaluate every website.
There are houndreds of roofers in my city, how are you so confident you can outrank them.
Because nobody is doing link building like we do. Most agencies don’t have the capacity to do proper whitehat outreach. We don’t just build links from home improvement blogs. We build links on a local level.

Local backlinks have much higher authority in Local SEO than any other type of backlink. Our backlinks strategy is next level and most other agencies just don’t have the systems in place to be able to offer affordable Local SEO services at such a high level

How many leads I can expect coming every month?
That entirely depends on the size of your area and how many cities you are targeting

Bigger the city – harder to rank – it will generate more leads every month

Here are approximate numbers

Population below 50 000: 10 – 30

Population 50 000 – 100 000: 30 – 60 leads

Population up to 250 000: 60 – 90

Population over 500 000: over a 100

How is your Roofing SEO different than everybody else on the market?
We don’t just rank a website on Google. We build your brand in the local community. Link building is a big part of the SEO process. That’s why we take it on the next level.

We do monthly outreach to local bloggers, nonprofit organizations and other local organizations to build relationships with them and to get local backlinks (that will help with SEO). On average we send out 200 emails a week (manually).

Is SEO dying?
SEO has been dying for the last 5 years now. If you check major news websites SEO died 7 years ago and it dies a couple times a year since then.

I can tell you that SEO is more important than ever. Google is pushing out Local Service ads in the roofing niche. That means you can buy leads from Google.

Unfortunately, there are only 3 listings on the top. Basically, to appear on the top you need to rank high in Google search. So on top of the standard benefits of leads that are coming from your SEO efforts, now SEO will boost your Ads too.

Why do I have to wait 6 months for my SEO to kicks in?
The timeframe for SEO to kicks in depends on your local competition. Higher the competition it will take longer. There are only 10 positions on the first page of Google and those 10 websites have been there (probably) for 2,3 5+ years. You can’t expect Google will knock them out in a just couple of months.

SEO is basically building trust in Google eyes and trust takes time

Will you write Blogs for my website as a part of the SEO processs?
Apsolutely! We’ll publish at least one blog post a month. It will be at least 500 words of unique content

Jeff Klaus, Klaus Roofing

Matt worked on my roofing website at Klaus Roofing. He is extremely knowledgeable and really taught me a lot about SEO. He was very easy to work with and was very prompt in completing my website, not to mention he answered all of my questions right away. Thank you Matt!!


Randy Patton, White Roofing Systems

Matt has been a BIG help with redoing my website for me!! He started out by offering to do an analysis of my website and told me want was lacking and what needed to be fixed for FREE. I was amazed at what he found. If you are looking for some input on your website I would highly recommend you get in touch with Matt and let hm look at your website.
Thanks Matt for all you have done and are still doing to help me!!

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