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Why Every Roofing Company Needs Roofing SEO Marketing Services & a Specialized SEO Roofing Agency?



We’re sure you get phone calls from people promising they will own Google for you EVERY DAY. You’ve probably invested in roofing SEO services more than once but so far, you haven’t reaped the benefits.

By now, you might think local SEO for roofing companies and Google are a big HOAX. They are definitely not!

Think of it this way.

When was the last time you wanted to buy something or needed any type of service? What did you do? You probably picked up your phone and went straight to Google to run a search. That’s what everybody is doing. And it’s only going to become more important in the upcoming years.

For every question people need answered, every piece of information they are looking for, and for every service they need – from food delivery to roof replacement – they will turn to Google.

When it comes to roofing, Google search is even more important than ever, because in every area or city there are hundreds of roofers to choose from. And the easiest way for homeowners to find the best one is by googling roofing contractors in their city.

And which roofing contractor will they choose or click on? The first one (or the first three) that come(s) up in their search. And how do roofers get to those first three places? Through local SEO services.

But not just any type of local roofing SEO – you need a highly specialized and experienced local roofing SEO company that is made up of real roofing SEO pros who know what they are doing. Because the roofing niche is a very specific area, extremely competitive, and not all standard SEO and marketing practices apply to SEO for roofing contractors.

You need to know what works and what doesn’t, you need to keep up with all the changes, and know what you’re doing and why – every day. And at Profit Roofing Systems, your best SEO roofing company, we know exactly what we are doing and we know how to get you to the top.

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  • Keep up with the times

The times are forever changing. Whether it is people’s mindsets, way of life, development of new technologies, it is all constantly going forward. And so is roofing and marketing. People used to read the yellow pages to find a roofer and today they go online and Google “roofers near me.” With our roofing SEO marketing company, you will get out of those long-forgotten yellow pages and get on Google’s “roofers near me” pages.  


  • Go where your customers are

And we don’t mean door-knocking. Door-to-door sales are rapidly becoming a thing of the past and people are not very quick to open their doors to strangers anymore. So when we say go where your customers are – we mean online! Everything they need today, they can and will look for on the internet. And that is where you should be. With our roofing SEO marketing company, you will be right in front of their eyes when they Google local roofers.


  • Be your customers’ first and last choice 

Through the best roofing SEO practices, our SEO roofing agency will make sure of two things. First, that you are the first thing your local homeowners and property owners see when they look for roofing services online. Second, once they click on your top-ranking page on Google, we will make sure your web is fully optimized, filled with crucial information, that it looks amazing, reflects your professionalism and quality of work, and ultimately, that users contact you and employ your roofing services. You will be their roofer of choice and they will not turn to your competitors.

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Yes, our roofing SEO specialists will help you achieve all of the above. But what matters in the end, and what’s most important for your roofing company, is getting that PROFIT, HIGH ROI, and LONG-TERM, PREDICTABLE GROWTH.

With experienced professionals & roofing SEO pros by your side, working hard on your roofing SEO campaign, all the aspects above will work together to scale and grow your roofing company. We will generate increased traffic to your web, qualified leads, and ultimately roofing appointments and new clients. 

Once we rank you on the very top of search engine results pages (SERP), you will be the very first roofer your local homeowners and commercial property owners see, and with our continued work and maintenance of your web, we will make sure they always choose you and that you remain their #1 choice.

You will be able to finally achieve that continued, predictable growth of your roofing business and never have to worry about chasing your next client again. The only worry on your mind will be how to deal with the increased load of roof replacements and hiring new roofers for your ever-expanding business and roofing team.





Roofing SEO Pros – What Makes Our SEO Roofing Company Different from Every Other Local Roofing SEO Company?



We are a local SEO company that works exclusively with roofers and that has been in this industry for several years now. We have tested every aspect of SEO for roofing contractors and know exactly which practices are best. We follow every trend and change in the roofing marketing game because it changes on a daily basis sometimes!

What worked a few months ago may not be the best course of action today. We adjust our roofing marketing plan to the industry, to your specific needs, and to your specific area. 

We do not go blind into this because local SEO for roofing companies is not easy, it takes time, effort, and great dedication. But not all agencies think so and many of them get into it thinking it’s just like any other marketing niche. Thinking it’s just a game.

And that’s how you get scammed, how you lose money, and start losing trust in roofing SEO services.

The biggest issue with SEO is that it’s a low-barrier entry service and everybody thinks they can rank a website on Google. The truth is – it’s hard and it will only get harder.

Google changes its algorithm 500 times a year. What worked last year isn’t working anymore.

Most of the companies offering local roofing SEO services (or any other type of digital marketing services) are pure scammers. It’s not like they don’t try, sometimes they do, but they lack experience, a specialized skill set, and quality roofing SEO pros that can adjust every time Google changes the game. That’s why Profit Roofing Systems always adapts to any new Google update.

We never let anything take us by surprise and we are always ready for any new change that Google throws our way. And while other roofing SEO agencies go into panic mode whenever algorithms change, our roofing clients come out without a scratch. Their rankings even increase!

And how is that? 

Because all the SEO techniques and methods our local roofing SEO company uses use are white-hat, legit, and abiding by every guideline that Google sets. We don’t take chances or risk getting penalties for our clients by using shady techniques, hoping Google won’t notice. Google eventually always notices. 

We play by the book, we follow trends, keep up with the changes, and our way always works. Our roofing clients always see results and never penalties. Our roofers are always safe and always on top. 

5 years of working exclusively with roofers and nearly a decade of SEO work have taught us this and we stick to what is legitimate. And the results we generate and the satisfaction we produce in our roofers are our continued proof that our roofing SEO practices work.


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Roofing SEO Marketing Services – FAQs

Find answers to some of the burning and most frequently asked questions about roofing SEO. We provide fact-based information and debunk some of the most common myths that roofing contractors have about SEO.

What is SEO for roofing contractors?

Ranking on the first page of Google for keywords like “roofing contractor city” and “roofing company city” will get your phone to ring more often. WHY?

Because there are at least a 1000 people looking for a roofer every month in every decent sized city in the country. The problem is, ranking on the top isn’t easy, and it will take time.

The only problem with SEO is that SEO as a service is filled with people that read a few articles or watch a course on SEO and then start calling themselves SEO ninjas. And they are the ones that spam your email inbox and mobile phone with calls.

I've been investing in local roofing SEO marketing services for the last 12 months with my current roofing SEO company and I got zero leads, WHY?

If you are trying to rank in a huge city and you started with a brand-new website, this could be normal.

Google doesn’t trust new domains/websites and it takes a lot of time and effort to get on the good side of Google.

On the other hand, if you aren’t even close to page one, your rankings are flat, and you are stuck below page three, you need to fire your roofing SEO agency.

In a 12-month span, Google on average changes the algorithm 500 times.

This means that if you don’t have experienced roofing SEO pros managing your website, you’ll get stuck.

SEO best practices that were applicable at the beginning of your SEO journey will not be applicable 12 months down the line (not just that, sometimes they can really hurt your website if you get hit by a penalty).

In most cases, roofing SEO agencies don’t adapt and they are stuck.

How does Google decide which roofer to show on page one or at the top?

It depends on over 200 ranking factors that Google uses to evaluate every website.

There are hundreds of roofers in my city. How are you so confident you can outrank them with your local roofing SEO services?

Because nobody does link building like our local SEO company does.

Most agencies don’t have the capacity to do proper white hat outreach.

We don’t just build links from home improvement blogs. We build links on a local level.

Local backlinks have a much higher authority in local roofing SEO than any other type of backlink.

Our backlinks strategy is next level and most other agencies just don’t have the systems in place to be able to offer affordable local SEO services at such a high level.

How is your local roofing SEO agency different than everybody else’s on the market?

We don’t just rank a website on Google. We build your brand in the local community.

Link building is a big part of the roofing SEO process. That’s why we take our local SEO services to the next level.

We do monthly outreach to local bloggers, nonprofit organizations, and other local organizations to build relationships with them and to get local backlinks (that will help with SEO).

On average, we send out 200 emails a week (manually).

Is SEO dying?

SEO has been dying for the last 5 years now. If you check major news websites, SEO died 7 years ago and it has been dying a couple of times a year since then.

We can tell you that local SEO services are more important than ever. Google is pushing out Local Service ads in the roofing niche. That means you can buy leads from Google.

Unfortunately, there are only 3 listings on the top. Basically, to appear on the top you need to rank high in Google search.

So, on top of the standard benefits of leads that are coming from your SEO efforts, now SEO will boost your Ads too.

Why do I have to wait 6 months for my local roofing SEO services to kick in?

The timeframe for the roofing SEO marketing to kick in depends on your local competition.

The higher the competition the longer it will take. There are only 10 positions on the first page of Google and those 10 websites have been there (probably) for 2,3 to 5+ years.

You can’t expect Google to knock them out in just a couple of months.

SEO is basically building trust in Google’s eyes and trust takes time.

Will you write blogs for my website as a part of your local roofing SEO services?

Absolutely! Our local SEO company will publish at least one blog post a month. It will be at least 500 words of unique content.

Read about Roofing SEO on our blog and learn more!

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  • Timothy Garcia

    We just wanted to take this opportunity to thank SEO roofing company Profit Roofing Systems!

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    The team at Profit Roofing Systems has greatly helped to improve our business revenue over the past 12 months.
    Every month, they do what they say they will and I have never needed to follow them up. No hidden costs or fees, these guys are a real pleasure to work with.

  • Kally Tannents

    Great company! Always liaise with you at every step, give you recommendations to change your website to make it look more appealing. My position on Google changed after just one month. Pleased with the service. Thank you guys!

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    Matt is great to work with and really knows what it takes to rank in Google. Highly recommend him for his specialist SEO service.

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    Thanks again to Matt and the team of Profit Roofing Systems, real roofing SEO pros!

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    Profit Roofing Systems has done a superb job in firing our site up the rankings. Best roofing SEO marketing company!

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    Thank you for helping us to achieve high ranks on the first page of all major search engines with local roofing SEO.

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    Great company to work with. Always very helpful in answering questions and believe me I have asked alot. Lots of good advice given to help improve website with constructive ideas and critique.

  • John L. Miller

    Thank you for your hard work and determination in getting roofing SEO services and outstanding results with our website

  • Andrew Victory

    Profit Roofing Systems have shown great knowledge in regards to local SEO for roofing companies best practices as well as overall optimization strategy.

  • Robert Jordan

    Great SEO company!! Very good to work with! Highly recommended!

  • Daniel Matthews

    Very pleased with improvements the team has made so far. They keep me well informed and provide timely and detailed reports. I would highly recommend PRoS.

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    Thank you Profit Roofing Systems, you have definitely made a difference in my life! Best roofing SEO services in the USA!

  • Hayden Edwards

    Call this guys if you need SEO for roofing contractors!

  • Mary M. Lujan

    Matt has been of great help, not only with our SEO and Adwords campaign but also helping out with a recent DOS attack we had, that he very kindly helped neutralize. I thoroughly recommend Profit Roofing Systems and Matt in particular.

  • Roderick Brixey

    Profit Roofing Systems helped me to turn my roofing business around! I want to say a huge thank you to everyone for making 2019 the best year on record!!!

  • Harry Burns

    Greatest roofing SEO company in the US! 

  • Michael K. West

    So knowledgeable and simple to handle, great local roofing SEO company

  • Joseph McGrath

    PRoS definitely know what they’re doing in roofing SEO and are extremely professional and attentive to roofing SEO marketing needs.

  • Charles O’Brian

    I first got the lowdown from Matt about how they could help my small, growing business, who was honest and knowledgeable without being pushy. Once signed-up, I dealt with the team on an almost daily basis, who was brill: super-helpful, friendly, accommodating, super-speedy in response to my queries and certainly knows her SEO tech stuff. I now feel much better placed with my online presence and feel I've learned a lot about this going forward. Would definitely recommend the team here.

  • Wayne C. Wells

    Profit Roofing Systems have exceeded my expectations of roofing SEO on all aspects!

  • Jerry Newsom

    Really happy with Profit Roofing Systems service and approach. Both Matt and the team helped me to understand the process and took charge of everything, keeping me informed consistently throughout the campaign. I am a new small roofing business, keen to move things forward and PRoS have really helped me build a platform for this in the online world. Many thanks.

  • Riley Evans

    SEO service is amazing. I am at the top of Google. I am very happy thanks.

  • Jose N. Robles

    Profit Roofing Systems is taking care of our roofing SEO marketing side of the business.

  • Ronald J. Vance

    There are so many roofing SEO marketing services out there, it’s wonderful to discover one that you understand and you can trust.

  • Timothy Mach

    PRoS have been managing my SEO for over 2 years now and I am happy to give credit where it is due. The team is efficient and always follow through with what they say they will. I have no qualms recommending them and I am very glad that I found them.

  • Dallas Smith

    We are happy with our website performance achieved so far in a month. Good Job roofing SEO agency!

  • Robert Trout

    When I required assistance with local roofing SEO and refresh our page layout and profile, you people placed my mind at peace.

  • Richard Johnston

    I strongly advise your company’s services to everyone who needs local roofing SEO services because you guys deliver the promised results.

  • Ralph S. Dunn

    The ability to apply developer-level knowledge and skills to their SEO delivery is a key aspect of Profit Roofing Systems' success. This, combined with their forensic approach and diligence keeping abreast of SEO changes, makes them a highly effective SEO specialist.

  • Ronald Harding

    Best SEO roofing agency!! 5+

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    Everything has changed since I’ve been in contact with Profit Roofing Systems and would not recommend any other companies for roofing SEO.

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