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Impact of the Google Core Update on SEO: What Now?

In the constantly changing digital world, Google’s algorithm updates represent key moments that can significantly affect the visibility of websites on its search engine. The year 2024 was marked by two such updates—the Google Core Update and the Google Spam Update. Both aimed to improve the quality of content and user experience and to more rigorously sanction spam.

As a leading SEO agency that deals with SEO optimization of websites, our goal is to ensure that our clients stay up to date with Google’s changes, all while gaining maximum benefit from them, too.

How Does the Google Core Update Affect Websites?

Google strives to provide the most useful and relevant results to its users. It achieves this through regular updates of its algorithm, which penalizes sites that use unfair SEO tactics (so-called black hat SEO) and rewards those that provide valuable and relevant content. The Google Core Update combated websites with low-quality content that did not provide real value to users. This can be seen mostly on websites whose content is most often generated with too much help from artificial intelligence.

Google’s Spam Update and the Fight Against Spam Content

The second major update this year was the Google Spam Update, which is aimed at detecting and sanctioning websites that use spam techniques in order to improve their positions in search engines.

These techniques include:

  • Aggressive use of keywords,
  • Buying links, or
  • Using misleading redirects with the aim of “better” SEO optimization of the website.

Why Is Local SEO Optimization Important?

Local SEO optimization is becoming increasingly important, especially for businesses wanting to target specific geographic regions. Profit Roofing Systems helps local businesses conquer Google Maps and improve their local visibility by providing quality SEO-optimized content. Our goal has always been to get our clients to the top in their respective areas!

Long-Term Strategy for Long-Term Growth

SEO is not a short-term job, but a continuous process that requires patience and regular attention. Our team at Profit Roofing Systems understands the importance of long-term planning and adapting our strategies in accordance with changes in the market and Google’s algorithms. Our approach ensures that our clients not only maintain good standing in search engine rankings, but to also experience continuous growth.

We achieve this through a series of SEO activities such as:

  • Researching keywords and constantly optimizing content,
  • On-site and off-site optimization as well as building backlinks,
  • Local SEO optimization,
  • Using structured data (schema markup), and
  • A/B testing.

It’s not an easy task to both get and stay at the top of search engines. Competition is high and Google is ruthless, but the willingness to adapt according to Google’s rules is what guarantees good results.

How Does Profit Roofing Systems Ensure the Success of Their Clients After Google’s Updates?

Profit Roofing Systems offers its clients concrete strategies and an individualized approach that ensures adherence to all current Google guidelines. Through a combination of on-page and off-page SEO tactics, we create a robust strategy that makes your website relevant in the eyes of Google. If you are interested in how SEO optimization can help you, feel free to contact us. Our clients did not experience a drop in ranking during the latest Google updates, showing a clear indication of the success of our approach.

Our Competitor’s Merciless Fall After the Google Update

Let us present several examples of our approach below to show that we’re practicing what we preach!

The screenshot below shows the local SEO ranking of one of our client’s competitors. After the new Google update hit him, we can see how his ranking dropped from the very top to a low, unenviable position.

How Did Our Clients Not Feel the Drop?

Here, you can see that, in March, while the update was launched, one of our clients’ rankings did not drop.

On the contrary, during Google’s most ruthless combing, our client recorded an increase in visibility on search engines, which is proof of our continuous work, strategy adjustment, and authentic content.

In the example below, we can notice the same with another client.

In April 2024, our client remained firmly on their feet while their competitors fell.

However, we noticed one client had an unsatisfying position after the update from November.

Not to worry, though—thanks to our strategy adjustment, we brought our client back to the top in just a few months.

In a Sea of Promises of Quick Results, Choose Quality

The changes that Google is implementing are important and can have a big impact on your business’s digital presence. With the right experts on your side—such as Profit Roofing Systems—you can jump on these rapid changes and use them as an opportunity to grow your position on Google and overall visibility on search engines. Contact us, and let us make your company more visible and successful than ever before!

Why Profit Roofing Systems?

With our exclusive services and comprehensive strategies, you can have it all—from web design to SEO optimization, to PPC advertising and running social networks. However, we’re also focused on creating healthy cooperation and building a foundation of trust, and we strive to be more than just a marketing agency.

We have many years of experience in digital marketing, particularly in the roofing industry, and we are now successfully applying all our acquired knowledge to other markets as well. We have more than 150+ successfully completed projects behind us, and no project is too great or too impossible! Regardless of the location and type of market you’re in, we strive to dominate your area. We’ve spent a combined time of more than 10,000+ hours of training, which is the main characteristic of every member of the Profit team—the desire to learn, develop, and fully master their field of work.

You can always count on us, contact us with questions, and see us as a partner in growth. Because your success is our success.

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