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What Roofers Can Do Now to Prepare for 2021

What Roofers Can Do Now to Prepare for 2021

2020 has been a rough year for all of us. Many businesses took a strong blow from the coronavirus pandemic, including those in the roofing industry.

Things were really tough with all the lockdowns, uncertainty whether roofing would be proclaimed an essential business, and internal issues such as employees coming down with COVID-19.

Kudos to everyone who managed to power through – especially if you managed to hit your 2020 goals.

But let’s not dwell on the past; things were out of our control. Instead, let’s talk about 2021

Roofing Market Has Changed and It’s Not Going Back

A lot of roofing companies still rely on door-knocking to generate business. But one thing is certain – coronavirus has changed door knocking forever.

I know I’m subjective as I sell DIGITAL MARKETING services, but to be honest, I’ve never been a fan of door knocking.

Not because it doesn’t work, but because time is money and, most importantly, door knocking lacks consistency and creates unhappy employees.

Let’s be honest, no matter what type of person you are, nobody likes to wake up every day knowing that a shit ton of people will slam the door into their face. And this is true for salespersons as well.

We’re constantly getting calls from sales guys asking us to help them generate leads online because they’re tired of people cursing them out.

With that being said, door knocking isn’t dead and it will never be, BUT I’m certain you can’t build a solid seven-figure roofing company relying solely on door knocking.

Personally, I think COVID-19 has just fast-forwarded the inevitable transition to online sales.
We’ve already seen with our clients that everything has started moving online, and this coronavirus epidemic just accelerated the process by five to ten years.

More and more roofing companies are dropping $$ into Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO, telemarketing, etc. As a result, the market is becoming increasingly competitive and the cost of running ads is growing.

Whether you like it or not, that’s how things are and they’re not likely to change. Roofers need to either adapt or come to terms with the fact that they’ll inevitably lose the race.

The only problem with roofers moving online is that truth be said, most roofing marketing agencies SUCK. And because they suck, roofers waste money on the wrong things.

That’s where I see our potential.

I wrote up this article to show you exactly what I would do if I was in your shoes and to help you see the light at the end of this black 2020 tunnel.

You might object now that roofing markets are different, companies are different, and people running those companies are different. But the truth is the same principles apply regardless of whether you’re in the retail or insurance market, residential or commercial market, and whether your roofing company is nationwide or a small local business.

What you’ll need to do is work simultaneously on four things: brandinginternal processesSEO, and lead generation.

Let’s break things down.

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Eventually, it is your brand that will either make or break your roofing business.

Not only does it massively affect your lead generation efforts in either a positive or negative way, but it also determines what kind of persons will be attracted to your company, be it employees or salespersons.

Roofers who work all year round should work on their brand all year round. Others should do exactly the same.

If you’re in the north and your business shuts down during the wintertime, instead of doing roofing work, work on your company’s brand. That way, you’ll get a head start when the new season kicks off.

If you’re a storm chaser and you’re waiting for that first April hail, you should work on your brand before the hail season so that you’re the first choice of roofers in people’s minds once the hail hits.

The three most important ways to work on your brand are generating positive reviewspromoting educational content, and telling your story online.

  • Generating positive reviews

Have an automated review funnel in place and keep track of how you’re contacting previous customers, how many times, through which channels, and where you’re driving them.

  • Promoting educational content

Write one blog article per month and record two videos with your smartphone, that’s all you need. Take $500 to $1,000 and promote this content through Facebook Ads. Rinse and repeat each month.

When you do this, you’ll constantly appear in the news feed of homeowners or business owners in your area. And when the next roofing season starts, or the next hail hits, who do you think these people will contact?

The company they saw online twenty times and that educated them how to find a quality roofer, which roofing material to choose, and how the insurance claims process works OR a company that cold-called them or knocked on their door? It’s not a hard guess.

  • Telling your story online

Always take photos of your team, your projects, and yourself and post them on your social channels. Share your thoughts, show people what your day looks like, and who the people in your team are. Write stories where you’ll share why you started the company, what makes you the best, why other companies suck etc.

Internal Processes

This is a big one.

We’re currently working with 40 roofing companies, and in the past ten years, we’ve worked with over 400 companies on different projects. On top of that, I talk with potential roofing clients every single day.

I’ve learned that 95% of roofing companies are broken inside and that this is hurting their bottom line.


I can say these numbers confidently because we track every. single. lead. and have hard cold data.

If you think you don’t belong in those 95% percent of companies with broken internal processes because you personally always answer the phone, ask yourself whether everyone else in your company does the same. The answer is most likely ‘no.’

On top of that, when we listen to recordings of conversations between roofers and potential customers, 40% of those conversations are so unprofessional that it would have been better if they never happened at all.

So work on your internal processes – check who’s answering the phone, which script they’re using, how many times you’re calling inbound leads back, how many emails you’re sending them, in which intervals, etc. Everything needs to be in place and automated.

My advice for inbound leads is to call them up to 7 times, email them up to 5 times, and send them three texts over a three-week period.

Also, make sure you set up a newsletter automation to nurture previous customers and extract reviews and referrals.

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Start working on your SEO to get ready for the next season. SEO takes time, three to six months on average, so start ASAP.

It’s hard to find an SEO agency that will deliver, plus you probably got burnt before (maybe even several times). However, SEO will make you money, so put some effort into finding a company that will deliver.

In-Season Lead Generation

When the next season starts, you need to be firing on all fronts: branding ads, lead generation ads on Google search, Google Display Network ads, Facebook ads, Youtube ads, and SEO.

If you do all of this and your internal processes DON’T suck, you’ll kick some serious ass next year.

Here are some average costs you can expect from your lead generation efforts:

Google Ads: $100 to $200 per lead (depending on the competitiveness of your market and your agency’s skills).

Facebook Ads: $40 to $80 per lead, $100 to $150 per solid appointment (again, depending on the competition, how good your agency is, AND most importantly, how good your internal systems are).

Branding: $500 to $1,000 of ad spend budget for the promotion of educational content.

SEO: It can cost anywhere from$200 to $2,000 per CITY (depending on the competition) and it can bring in 20 to 200 leads per month, depending on the size of the city you’re working in.

For a more in-depth analysis and a complete, personalized marketing plan, all you have to do is click this button, tell us your revenue goal for 2021, and which roofing markets your company works in.

I’ll personally take a deep dive into your local market, analyze your competitors, and tell you where you stand in comparison to them.

Then, I’ll create for you an in-depth, personalized plan and tell you precisely what you need to do to crush your competition and dominate your market.

It’s 100% free with no strings attached.

We’re already booked for the beginning of 2021, so you can sign up for our waiting list.

I hope you crush it in 2021!

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