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Looking to get more leads with paid search advertising? Google Ads is the premier platform for paid search advertising—allowing you to target your customers in the most relevant and specific way




Why Your Company Should Use Google Ads

Google Ads (e.g. Google Adwords) works on a pay per click model. That means you will pay every time someone clicks on your ad.

They are great to start generating leads immediately but its a pay to play model.

The second you stop paying for clicks, leads will stop coming in.

Where most companies fail is that they:

  1. Waste money on non-relevant clicks
  2. They don’t optimize user experience because they are lazy/lack knowledge

The roofing industry is competitive. There are a ton of roofers already investing in Google Ads and cost per clicks are over $20 in most cities. That means every click is important. 80% of agencies will just use your website’s home page (or a service page) to drive traffic too. THAT’S COMPLETELY WRONG!

For every campaign you are running you need to have a dedicated landing page where people can find all the information they are looking for quickly and effectively.

If you send them to your home page, you might advertise gutters, siding or commercial roofing BUT all they are looking for are someone to change their metal roof.

For every city/service you are running you need to have a landing page that talks just about that


Daily reporting with Google data studio


Conversion rates up to 40%


Proven Funnels Already Tested On Over 50+ Campaigns


Stop Wasting Money on Non Relevant Clicks


Work With Google Ads Certified Agency

Rated 4.7/5 based on 347 Google Ads CampaignsProfit Roofing Systems


Avg. Converion rate

Successfully Campaigns

Satisfied Clients

Industry Conversion rate (from cold traffic to leads) is 5%-10%. Our is between 15% -30%


It’s because we are super relevant and we do everything custom. For each city we are targeting we’ll create a separate campaign with its own: ads, keywords, negative keywords, targeting and a custom landing.

Usually, agencies just create one setup (because they are lazy) and they target the whole area. For an area like Denver (where you have 10+ different cities) we’ll create a campaign for each one. Doing things that way we are super relevant to Google (that means lover CPC than every other roofer in the area) + better conversion rate (because we are super targeted to the end user)

On top of that we are running Ads roofing campaigns for over 3 years now. Profit Roofing Systems managed to create a working template (because of our endless testing) that we know it’ll work. We know what people want to see/read when they are looking for a roofer

What will you get

One time setup


  • separate campaigns for every city in your area
  • custom landing page for each city that has already been tested on 40+ roofing campaigns, tailored to your business (we don’t use your website for Ads traffic)
  • targeting, keywords, 5 ads per city, negative keywords scraping (we need to add every roofer in the area as a negative keyword so we don’t waste a single dollar on non-relevant clicks )

Monthly Management: 

  • Every week we are running different tests (as leads are coming in) to drive CPCs down and Conversion rates up
  • We write new ads for every campaign with low CTR
  • We monitor search terms on a daily basis to excluded non-relevant clicks as soon as possible

Daily reporting with Google data studio – at any point in time you can check on my work. Google data studio reports are updated daily and you can see how many we spent, clicks, cost per click, number of leads we generated, cost per lead etc.

We use local forwarding numbers for our PPC campaigns so every lead is trackable

Remarketing campaigns: included in the price

Bing ads: we highly recommend running bing and yahoo ads. Costs are much lower and people are still using it (especially older people) – included in the price

What People Are Saying


Jeff Klaus, Klaus Roofing

Matt worked on my roofing website at Klaus Roofing. He is extremely knowledgeable and really taught me a lot about SEO. He was very easy to work with and was very prompt in completing my website, not to mention he answered all of my questions right away. Thank you Matt!!


Randy Patton, White Roofing Systems

Matt has been a BIG help with redoing my website for me!! He started out by offering to do an analysis of my website and told me want was lacking and what needed to be fixed for FREE. I was amazed at what he found. If you are looking for some input on your website I would highly recommend you get in touch with Matt and let hm look at your website.
Thanks Matt for all you have done and are still doing to help me!!

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