Google Ads for Roofers

Google Ads for Roofing


Looking to get more leads with paid search advertising? Google Ads is the premier platform for paid search advertising—allowing you to target your customers in the most relevant and specific way




Why Should You Use Roofing Google Ads for Your Roofing Company

Because for roofers specifically, this is a highly beneficial form of advertising, increasing your client base, and generating significantly higher ROI and profit.

Roofing is a very competitive niche and it is hard to succeed out there among hundreds of other roofers operating in your area or city. But with roofing Google Ads and a team of Google Ads certified specialists, the possibilities of targeting and reaching your target audience, your residential homeowners and/or commercial property owners, are endless!

At Profit Roofing Systems we are certified and experienced in creating specific and individualized roofing Google Ads campaigns. With our campaigns, we will fully maximize the time, effort, and money you invest in the ads and bring in more clicks, qualified Google Ads leads, and most importantly, roof replacement appointments that you could have imagined. 

So, how do Google Ads actually work? 

Google Ads (e.g. Google Adwords) work on a pay per click model. That means you will pay every time someone clicks on your ad.

They are a great way to start generating qualified Google ads leads immediately but it’s a pay to play model. This means that the second you stop paying for clicks, leads will stop coming in. But with our Profit team, you have nothing to worry about because we take care of every single detail of your roofing Google Ads campaign, optimize it, manage your budget rationally and efficiently, direct the budget towards the most relevant clicks, and keep you in the loop at all times.

We will generate you a significant number of Google Ads leads and roofing appointments and not a penny will go to waste. And not only that, we will ensure a sustainable and continuous flow of leads and appointments, allowing you to continually grow and scale your roofing company. 

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Why Is Profit Roofing Systems Your Best Choice For Running Successful Roofing Google Ads Campaigns?

Because we rely on industry-specific knowledge and a great amount of testing. Roofers are our main focus – and have been for the last 5 years – and everything we do today is the product of numerous tests done in the past. 

We know and guarantee that the roofing Google Ads campaigns we run for our roofing clients today work flawlessly and generate high-quality roofing leads. We know which aspects of these campaigns are crucial and how to design a winning roofing Google Ads campaign every time. And we know how to optimize it for your specific needs and area that you cover – because that is one of the most important aspects.

And that is also where most other agencies fail because they: 

  1. Waste money on non-relevant clicks.
  2. Don’t optimize user experience because they are lazy/lack knowledge.
  3. Don’t use specific and dedicated landing pages for each campaign.
  4. Try to rank for all kinds of different keywords – including those that are not “buyer oriented” or that don’t lead to high conversion rates.

And these three points, among others, are very important because, as we already said, the roofing industry is highly competitive. There are a ton of roofers already investing in Google Ads and the cost per click is over $20 in most cities. That means every click is important. 

In addition to that, 80% of agencies will just use your website’s home page (or a service page) to drive traffic too. THAT’S COMPLETELY WRONG! For every campaign you are running you need to have a dedicated landing page where people can find all the information they are looking for quickly and effectively.

If you send them to your home page, you might advertise gutters, siding or commercial roofing BUT all they are looking for are someone to change their metal roof.

For every city/service you are running you need to have a landing page that talks just about that.

And finally, ranking only for relevant and specific keywords that will bring in real, qualified leads and customers who need a new roof is crucial. Ar Profit, we conduct extensive market research to identify exactly those sets of keywords that will lead to very high conversion rates. And we do it extremely successfully because our conversion rate continues to be above industry average.


Daily reporting with Google data studio


Conversion rates up to 40%


Proven Funnels Already Tested On Over 50+ Roofing Google Ads Campaigns


Stop Wasting Money on Non Relevant Clicks


Work With Google Ads Certified Agency


Avg. Converion rate

Successfully Campaigns

Satisfied Clients

Average Industry Conversion Rate (From Cold Traffic to Leads) Is 5-10%. Ours Is Between 15% -30%.


It’s because we are super relevant and we do everything custom. For each city we are targeting we’ll create a separate campaign with its own: ads, keywords, negative keywords, targeting and a custom landing.

Usually, agencies just create one setup (because they are lazy or lack proper knowledge) and they target the whole area. For an area like Denver (where you have 10+ different cities) we’ll create a campaign for each one. Doing things this way, allows us to become highly relevant to Google, which ultimately leads to higher rankings and lower CPC (cost per click) than any other roofer in the area, as well as better conversion rates (because we are super targeted to the end user

On top of that, we have been running Google Ads roofing campaigns for over 5 years now. Profit Roofing Systems managed to create a working template (because of our endless testing) that we know will work every time. We know what people want to see/read when they are looking for a roofer.

What Do You Get Within Our Roofing Google Ads Services

1. One-Time Setup

  • separate campaigns for every city in your area
  • custom landing page for each city that has already been tested on 40+ roofing campaigns, tailored to your business (we don’t use your website for Ads traffic)
  • targeting, keywords, 5 ads per city, negative keywords scraping (we need to add every roofer in the area as a negative keyword so we don’t waste a single dollar on non-relevant clicks )

2. Monthly Management

  • Every week we run different tests (as leads are coming in) to drive CPCs down and Conversion rates up
  • We write new ads for every campaign with low CTR
  • We monitor search terms on a daily basis to excluded non-relevant clicks as soon as possible


3. Daily Reporting With Google Data Studio 

At any point in time you can check on our work and the status of your campaigns. Google data studio reports are updated daily and you can see how much we spent, the number of clicks, cost per click, number of leads we generated, cost per lead etc. We use local forwarding numbers for our PPC campaigns so every lead is trackable


4. Remarketing campaigns

These campaigns are included in the price and are a part of our roofing campaign process.


5. Bing Ads

We highly recommend running Bing and Yahoo ads. Costs are much lower and people are still using it (especially older people). They are also included in the price.

Read about Google Ads on our blog and learn more!

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    Need google ads for roofing? Highly recommend the team at Profit Roofing Systems.

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    Great team to work on google ads for roofers.

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    Profit Roofing Systems have put my roofing google campaign live today, and within the first hour I have already received inquires about my business.

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