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Case Study

How We Used Our MADMAT System to Ensure This Roofer’s Complete Domination in His Area

MADMAT marketing campaign for a roofing company

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The Roof Mentors

The Roof Mentors is a roofing company based out of Fayetteville, NC, that puts great focus on providing homeowners and business owners with a smooth and seamless roofing experience. They offer quality and affordable roofing services, ranging from residential and commercial roof replacements to repairs and insurance roofing claims. They go by the motto “We build relationships, not just roofs,” and their main goal is to inspire trust, provide outstanding customer service, and all-around quality roofing services.


Facebook Ads

Our plan for this client was to set up a complete Facebook funnel through which we would build and strengthen the client’s brand and then continuously generate quality leads. The biggest challenge we faced was allocating a limited budget across the different campaigns that needed to be set up. In addition to that, we had to adjust to working with a limited number of quality video materials that are essential for the success of the campaigns.

Google Ads

The client’s target area, Fayetteville, is relatively small, so the keyword search volume is low. This meant we had to maximize every click and turn it into a valuable action, ideally a conversion. Also, since we couldn’t expand the target area much outside of Fayetteville, we had to be extra careful not to miss any relevant roofing keywords.


The biggest challenge in ranking the client locally was that their main business location’s address and phone number changed midway through the project. This was a pretty big setback since NAP (name, address, and phone number) is used in nearly every aspect of the optimization process. As a result, we had to restart many aspects of the campaign and rebuild all the citations we created.


Facebook Ads

PPE & video views campaigns

We set up our complete Facebook Ads funnel for this client, beginning with video views and PPE (page post engagement) campaigns.

When it comes to the PPE campaigns, the main goal is to build the client’s brand, increase brand awareness and engagement with users, as well as collect data and audiences for our main campaigns. We do this by boosting the posts published on the client’s Facebook page, i.e., additionally promoting those posts to reach an even wider audience.

The video views campaign serves a similar purpose. Here, we had set up three different ad sets, each with a different video testimonial that the client had provided us with. The goal was to collect as relevant an audience as possible and increase the brand awareness, which we then used for our main campaigns.

PPE & video views campaigns

One of the most important things we need for our main lead generation campaigns is a great, concrete offer that we can design our copy, visuals, and the entire campaign around. In this case, we focused on and promoted the client’s financing options.

So, once we collected the relevant audiences and enough data through our PPE and video views campaigns, we kicked off our main Facebook messenger campaign and the retargeting (RTG) campaign. For our main messenger campaign, the leads were directed to our chatbot, for which we created a conversation sequence where they could receive more information and leave their info if they wanted to be contacted by our client to set up an appointment.

Alongside this campaign, we also had an RTG campaign running with the same offer but a different objective. Here, instead of being directed to the messenger chatbot, leads could fill out a form directly on Facebook to sign up for an appointment, and at the end, they also had the option to tap the button and call the client directly.

Google Ads

Search campaign for Fayetteville

Our main focus and main campaign for this client has been a search campaign for the area of Fayetteville. The first thing we had to do when we were kicking off the campaign was to determine the best keywords for the client’s area and dominate them completely so that all the customers looking for roofing services in Fayetteville could find our client quickly and call him immediately.

Our main strategy was to start with bids that would ensure no. 1 positions for all our keywords and create a great ad copy that would attract users’ attention and thus increase our CTR (click-through rate).

And this is exactly what we achieved. When it comes to the bids (the keywords auctions), we reached the no. 1 position right at the start and have remained there ever since. And when it comes to the CTR, we’ve maintained a solid industry average of 4.5%.

Local & brand campaign

In addition to our main campaign, we also had to set up two smaller, local and brand campaigns. The goal of the brand campaign was to “protect” the client’s name, which was crucial since he has the word “roof” in his name – The Roof Mentors.

What do we mean by that? Well, because the word “roof” can be understood or interpreted by Google as a service, our client’s competitors may come up in search results when users google our client’s name. So, to prevent this, we set up a brand campaign that protects our client’s name and ensures that users land on the right website – our client’s website.

The local campaign, on the other hand, which is mainly shown on Google Maps, is a great way to increase brand awareness, and it has generated millions of impressions, allowing us to make our client’s name very well-known across his target area – all with a very small budget.

Automated bidding

In order to increase the number of our conversions even more, we set up a little experiment. We wanted to determine which type of CPA (cost per action) settings would prove to be most efficient and profitable for this client – manual or target (automated) CPA. In other words, should we set manual bids for each keyword or let Google set it automatically.

Eventually, we opted for the automated bidding options (target CPA), where we also managed to tap into and play a little with Google’s algorithms. Thanks to this and Google’s smart technology, we managed to increase our conversion rate while decreasing our cost per lead, i.e., cost per conversion.


GMB profile creation & optimization

A Google My Business profile is one of the most important parts of SEO and crucial for local exposure and local lead generation. So, for this client, we created two separate profiles as he has two separate locations where he operates – Hope Mills and Fayetteville. These two GMB profiles were then fully optimized.

For each, we created a unique GMB website and a GMB description, we added and optimized photos for the specific location, optimized the services/category list on the profile – added the most relevant ones, and created additional map citations that Google indexes and that will boost the GMB rankings.

Creating & optimizing citations & social media profiles

We created separate social media profiles for both of the locations we’ve been working on, as well as citations. Citations are listings in business directories that, together with social media profiles, work to boost the client’s rankings and online visibility as search engines are known to rank established business directories high in search results.

So, after creating profiles on the most important social networks, we started working on the citations. We worked off of a list of verified business directories and listings, signing up our client for as many as possible, as well as optimizing the existing ones.

When it comes to these listings, we made sure that the NAPs within them are all the same and consistent with the NAPs on GMB and social media, as Google considers this a positive signal for higher rankings on both Google Maps and SERPs (search engine results pages).

Creating & optimizing location & service pages

Since the client wanted to rank for and dominate both of his locations – Fayetteville and Hope Mills, we had to create separate location pages on the website for each location and optimize them with relevant local keywords.

In this particular case, we chose to “turn” the client’s homepage into a location page. In other words, based on our research of this specific market, we decided that the best course of action would be to fully optimize the existing homepage and its content for Fayetteville and then write and create a brand-new one for Hope Mills. We wrote new, fresh content, optimized the content and all the elements of the pages (URL, metadata, H tags) with relevant keywords, and added optimized photos with keyword-optimized ALT tags.

And finally, we added several service pages that were missing for some of the most important services, optimizing them for the client’s main location, Fayetteville, in order to further boost the rankings on Google.



Facebook Ads

Based on the comprehensive Facebook ads funnel that we’ve set up, our main, lead-generating campaigns that were focused on the financing offer have generated 53 leads altogether in the 5 months that the funnel has been active. We generated 28 leads from our main messenger campaign, with the CPL (cost per lead) being $52, which is more than 50% lower than our initial goal of $150. And through our retargeting campaign, we generated 25 leads at $86 per lead, which is also lower than our original goal.

Google Ads

Thanks to the different types of campaigns that we’ve been running and strategic bidding that we’ve set up, along with dominating all our relevant keywords, we’ve managed to not only achieve but surpass the original goal of keeping the CPL around $100. For the two years that we’ve worked with The Roof Mentors, our average cost per lead has been $57. And if we look at our main search campaign individually, the cost is $79. When it comes to the number of actual leads or conversions, over the last two years, we’ve generated 724 conversions.


Thanks to our comprehensive SEO strategy and despite the major setback we experienced with the address changing for the Fayetteville location, we managed to surpass the original goal of a 60% increase. We achieved an 80% increase in the number of leads, i.e., calls on GMB for Fayetteville, compared to the same period one year before. For the Hope Mills location, we achieved an amazing increase of over 93% in the number of leads within the same period.

When it comes to the rankings and visibility on Google, results are outstanding for both locations:

Fayetteville Organic Search:

  • 26 keywords ranking #1
  • 77 keywords ranking on the first page of Google

Fayetteville Maps:

  • The most important keyword ranking #1
  • 17 keywords ranking in the top 10 results

Hope Mills Organic Search:

  • 82 keywords ranking #1
  • 130 keywords ranking on the first page of Google

Hope Mills Maps:

  • 159 keywords ranking #1
  • 62 keywords ranking in the top 10 results

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